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September 4th is a special day. It’s the zero day anniversary of the day I figured out that it cost less to get a full salad and full soup, instead of two half salad, half soup “Deals”. Soup and Salad ON ME.

It’s also the 25th anniversary of the Buckyball, a spherical Fullerene created using jellybeans and toothpicks by some creative scientist back in 1985… the same year Goonies came out. Google is celebrating the occasion with a 3-dimensional interactive buckyball graphic on the Google home page.

There are not many more hours left in the day to view it, so hop over, give it a spin and raise a glass of jellybeans to Buckminster Fuller – the inventor, futurist, architect, engineer, mathematician, poet, cosmologist who brought us the geodesic dome.

If you didn’t see it, here’s what you missed.

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