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Remember the Audi R8 SolidWorks Car tutorial and remember the video that preceded it showing the entire modeling process in 5 minutes? Well, we’re about to taunt your senses again, frustrate you into a panic and build the anticipation for yet another amazing tutorial.

Dan Lavoie is at it again. This time… with a Lamborghini Gallardo tutorial. Mmmm, spicy. He’s finished the model and is currently preparing the final video tutorial, but that won’t keep him from showing us what’s to come. Yes, he’s mashed the entire 20 hour process into another 5 minute eye feast.

Here’s the video and a few screenshots of the 200 mph intensity you’re about to get yourself into.

If you’re diggin’ this and want to be notified when it comes out, get on the Lamborghini Gallardo list and watch your inbox. While you’re waiting you may want to check out some fun facts on the Gallardo.

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  • Victor

    I have purchased ‘Gollardo tutorial’ and ‘F16’ tutorial some months ago. Due to lack of time I decided to start my education later. But I launched them in case to check their ability to play. Everything seemed fine. Few days ago I decided to launch both programs but I failed. Two E-mail messages to author of these programs did not prove his desire to help. As far as I understand both programs may be confirmed through Internet only for limited time then we need to buy them again.

  • dylan h

    great work mate!?!?!
    would by any chance you be able let me download your design onto my solidworks software so I can get a A+ hahahahahahahah!?!?!?!?!…. jokes?! sort of, it would be nice though…….
    great job!!!