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Have you ever wanted to create a 3D model of a car in SolidWorks? How about this? Have you ever wanted to be taunted by a video about how to model a car in SolidWorks?

Well, you’re in luck, but it’s not all that bad. I contacted Daniel Lavoie after seeing his SolidWorks Car Tutorial video (below) to find out what was going on with the buzz he’s creating around it. Seems he’s got big plans to share his knowledge with all of those interested in how to model a car in SolidWorks. Here’s the background from Daniel.

The Little Story of the R8 tutorial

It all started several years ago I was learning surface modeling with SolidWorks and I was struck by the lack of resources available out there. It was pretty hard to find good content on the subject.

Years passed, I finally got good with SolidWorks. So, I started modeling the R8 just for fun as a side project. I could have modeled my good old Chevy Cavalier… but the R8 was a little bit sexier.

I posted my progress and the feedback was great. People told me that modeling a car was too complex for them… But you know what? Modeling a car is not that hard… the biggest problem is that people are scared to use surfaces and to sketch with spline! Let’s face it… You will never get flowing sexy shape with arc and lines… You want smooth shapes, you need smooth sketches!

After the completion of the car, a lot of people asked me if I could make a step-by-step tutorial about the R8. So 5 months ago I decided to create the car tutorial to show that it was not that hard to model a car.

Your Turn To Learn

Daniel’s plan is to make the tutorial available for purchase over the next couple weeks. We’ll let you know when it come out, so keep the old eyes peeled. If you would like to be notified when it’s available, he’s created a website for the Audi R8 modeling tutorial. You can get on the email list there. In the meantime, here are some more images of the car in SolidWorks and be sure to check out the video below.

The Video

The video show the 12 hour process Daniel went through… condensed to all of 5 minutes, 15 seconds. If only modeling was actually that fast. Still it’s impressive to see the progression from start to finish. If you’re quick you can catch a few glimpses of how he’s gone about doing bits of it.

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  • Mlkjsrg

    and thats good..?

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  • sankun cheng

    Hi Dan
       I am woundering to get a copy of audi R8 vedio, but your site seems closed.

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  • Roger

    Today I’ve bought the F-16 Tutorial but I can’t play.

    I’m getting the following message after input the userid / password.

    Could someone help… Thanks, Roger

    Your User Group doesn’t have permission to play
    this file. Please contact your content owner for details.

  • Hello Roger, 

    Everything should work perfectly fine now! 
    Please use the username and password received by email right after the transaction. 

    If you have any questions, please let me know here info@solidstufflearning:twitter .com


  • 翊 李

      I want you to buy (the F-16 curriculum), I pay by credit card, how to download a file?

  • Cesar Curiel

    Hi Daniel, i just purchased this tutorial and the Gallardo one and i ve encountered a problem that doesn’t let me play the videos, when i double click or open a video directly from the player, the Haihai player freezes and in order to close it, i have to go to Windows task manager.

    I’ve tried;
    downloading the videos again with a download manager.
    Reinstalling the player and updating the player.

    Running the player as administrator.

    Running the player with windows xp compatibility.

    And is still the same.

    I hope you can help me, and thank you for this great tutorial.

  • Hello Cesar,

    Hmmm. That’s weird. Let me check that out with you.
    A got your email a bit earlier today so let’s resolve this issue over there! 🙂

    Thanks again Cesar!

  • Cesar

    Problem Fixed. Thanks for all Dan, Great tutorials they worth every cent.

  • yogesh

    REPLY ME SOON TO…..MY EMAIL ID yogesh260615@gmail.com

  • yogesh

    i am very much intrest in buying this tutorial audi r8.. how to get that….inform me

  • yogesh

    shall i trust this….if i pay money will it work correctly…if i have problem in playing the video will i get the help…

  • Hello Yogesh,

    I’m the creator of the tutorial so sure you’ll get help if you are running into problems! 🙂

  • Mrkl

    Yogesh, I have issues with the F-16 tutorial and Mr Lavoie has failed to answer my Emails – hope you have better luck than me

  • Hello Mrkl,

    Sorry if I’ve been late to reply your email!

    We got our second baby 6 days ago so I’m currently catching up with emails. Your emails should be answered in the following minutes! 🙂

  • I went through my emails but I can find one with the name Mrkl or a close variation to this.

    I want to make sure your email has been answered so just let me know if you received a reply. If not, simply send it back to me so I can reply.

    We’ll get this sorted. 🙂

  • mohnani chirag

    hello freinds i m learning solidworks .i want to design this type of car so i want to detailing to make and total parts detail of engine and etc.so at which place i got all this stuff?

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  • fates

    I’ll just wait for your tutorial.