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There are times in our life when we stand behind a wall, peek around the corner and snicker at someone pulling dimensions off a PDF document to sketch out a part. The tears roll down their overworked cheeks. If only they could convert the PDF to an .dwg file.

They can. It use to be that you had to take a PDF into Adobe Illustrator and export a .dxf file to get usable data out of the PDF file. That is no longer the case thanks to a handy little site called, wait for it… ConvertPDFtoAutoCAD.com. It’s different from other options in that it’s completely web-based.

All it requires is the PDF file, an email to send the converted file to and an attitude that says, “I’m gonna convert the PDF and you can’t stop ME!” It’s fast too. Here’s a quick look.

All you do is go here… Upload your PDF and enter your email.

I uploaded a PDF and guess what. It went…

I got the email back in a couple of minutes. Is a tool like this handy for you? Sure beats going through Illustrator I say.

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  • ellen

    To convert PDF to DWG, I often use this PDF to DWG Converter. This PDF to DWG conversion software converts
    engineering drawings saved as Adobe PDF files into DWG or DXF files. They can then be edited and saved in native CAD formats such
    as DWG for AutoCAD and DGN for Microstation, which save me much time. http://www.pdftodwgconverter.org/

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  • Brian Jackson

    It only works on PDFs that were originally printed directly from a cad application like AutoCAD. It will not work on scanned in PDFs or from PDFs that were printed from applications like cutepdf.

  • DMel

    You have to change the pen widths so the lines wont come out think.
    type in pedit then (m) for multiple, select all and enter .001. You should be good to go!

  • Marc

    Thank You thank you thank you a million times over.
    As soon as I can afford it I will have it.

    Thank you


  • Manfrom Modesto

    It is now August, 2013, and the site doesn’t operate this way any longer. I downloaded my doc, waited the alloted time, received an email, clicked the link… and went to a download trial page. No conversion.

  • Sam

    Every time I go to do this, it says I’ve reached my free limit and have to buy the $100 package, even though I’ve never converted anything previously..

  • Luke Kennedy

    I’d strongly recommend Scan2CAD to convert PDF to CAD You can download an unlimited 14-day free trial at http://www.scan2cad.com/free-trial