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This week’s Spotify-powered SolidSmack Radio Playlist brings an entirely new face-smack of great music to help propel you through those laborious, tedious design tasks for the next few days. This week’s playlist features all-new Jimi Hendrix (released today!) and a slew of other jelly jelly such as NOFX, Weezer, and Iggy Pop.


Have any suggestions for next week’s playlist? How about a playlist specific to a design task? Let us know in the comments!

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  • How do I get these playlists to show up in Spotify?

  • Josh M

    When you hit play on the embedded playlist above, Spotify should open. There will be a link at the top of the playlist to subscribe.

  • Adam

    This is my favorite SS product. So glad we’re doing this. Thanks Simon!

  • But Spotify doesn’t open, it just starts playing in my browser (Chrome).

  • Adam

    Spotify should open in the background tho. In your Spotify prefs there’s an option to allow internet apps to open Spotify. Could that be it?

  • The option “Allow Spotify to be started from the Web” is, and has been, checked. Spotify was already open, so maybe that is the issue?

  • Adam

    The way it works is a little strange. It looks like it’s playing in the browser, but it’s *also* playing in Spotify if you bring the app to the fore.