Complex 3D Printed Art Collaborations From Modla You Have Got to See

03 Apr, 2014 by in DESIGN, FAB

Modla is a small 3D printing design studio that creates incredibly ornate, complex and detailed 3d printed art pieces for brands, architects, designers, artists and more. They launched just over a year ago and have already had product launches with Nike, completed an array of 3d printed architecture projects and designed all the signage for the Science Museum’s “3D Printing: The Future” exhibition. Among other projects they also do collaborations with artist. They’ve just launched three that are simply gorgeous examples of what the medium is doing for artists. We caught up with co-founders Jon Fidler and Rich Goddard about the niche they’ve found in 3d printed art collaboration and consulting.

Maker Galaxy E13: Randy Schwemmin of D-Rev

02 Apr, 2014 by in MAKER GALAXY

We’re always talking about the future of design, the future of technology, the future of MAKING. In a world where smart skin patches can administer specific medications on a set schedule, a world where personal farms can be built into kitchens, how do we find the next big thing? MakerGalaxy is a show that explores the crossroads of Design, Technology, and the Future of Making.

This week we talked with Mr. Randy Schwemmin of the non-profit product design firm D-Rev. D-Rev aims to create medical equipment for populations that make less than $4 a day and Randy’s extensive background in manufacturing helps make this seemingly impossible task, possible. We’ll talk with Randy about everything from how he went from working in the aerospace industry creating million dollar products to products made for millions making less than $4 a day. We’ll also talk about how D-Rev approaches their design process as a non-profit, to where we can find the best ice cream sundae on earth and more.



Honda’s Clever April Fools’ Day Prank Pokes Fun at ‘Makers’ With a DIY Car Building Kit

02 Apr, 2014 by in CULTURE, NEWS

We’ve seen our fair share of April Fools’ Day product design spoofs over the past few years that have actually been somewhat believable…if it wasn’t for the fact that the press release came out on April 1st. Yesterday was no exception and between products like the Sphero SelfieBot and the falconry-inspired ‘Twitter Helmet‘, those in the tech community were in for quite the laugh. Perhaps one of the more elaborate spoofs though came from Honda in which they poked fun at the Brooklyn/Portland Maker scene with a well-executed Portlandia-like video featuring beta-testers of their new ‘Fit Kit’ DIY car building kit.



The Wool Runners: Custom 3D Printed Wool Running Shoes That Are (Actually) Comfortable

02 Apr, 2014 by in FAB

Gone are the days where wool is strictly associated with lumberjack socks or heavy camping sweaters…today the wonder-material is being seen in more modern garments ranging from workout apparel from the likes of Icebreaker and SmartWool to…3D printed shoes? Yes…and comfortable ones at that. The Wool Runners are a new ‘sock-less’ running shoe that takes advantage of all the natural properties of wool you’ve come to love…and along with being environmentally-conscious, are completely customizable to your foot via a 3D scanning app.



Fish3d: A New Touch-sensitive, Interactive Modeling Environment

01 Apr, 2014 by in CAD

If you’ve been fishing, you know the layer of slime that covers the fish, protecting it from your nasty hand bacteria. It’s also a defense mechanism that helps protect the fish from predators and, as it turns out, is much more than what it seems. Particularly in the case of the Hagfish. Researches at MIT’s Media Ecology Lab have discovered a new way to interact with our Hagfish friends via the slime they produce while at the same time developing parametric surface geometry, a development that could very well push product design into your surrounding and away from the desktop.


SolidSmack Radio | Bustin’ Out (On the Funk)

01 Apr, 2014 by in RADIO

This week’s Spotify-powered SolidSmack Radio Playlist brings an entirely new face-smack of great music to help propel you through those laborious, tedious design tasks for the next few days. This week we’re bringing out the funk to help welcome this spring weather (wherever you are). We’ll start with a James Brown classic and work our way through some Sly and the Family Stone, Rick James, Check Brown, and others before wrapping up with ‘Funkier Than a Mosquita’s Tweeter’ from Ike and Tina Turner.

Cool Tools of Doom n’ Stuff: Episode 43

28 Mar, 2014 by in COOL TOOLS

Brought to you this week by 8 overweight hens fighting over a soggy case of gluten-free brownie mix, be sure to check out the all new episode of Cool Tools of Doom n’ Stuff! By the way, we love our SolidSmack readers! Have something cool you’ve come across and want to share it on SolidSmack? Don’t hide it in your neck skin! Send it on in to Kick it!



Friday Smackdown: Mossy Newt Warriors

28 Mar, 2014 by in SMACKDOWN

Round the wheel went. All of us, inside the hub. Small as mice, but large as men, if we were men, but we were but newts, bandaged and scraped from the wars. This, our current mode of travel, took us far, far to the outer shell of the river banks, the mossy coast, to defend the colonies against the onslaught of these links.

Tyson Murphy – I love the warmth and wonder Murph brings to a scene. The Disney paint exercises are particularly interesting.
Master Yoda – Yoda. Turns out he has the perfect bits of grunts and wisdom to throw into a trip hop mix, as the Eclectic Method show so well in their latest video.
Action Movie Kid – If you have a son and you’re a visual fx artist with Dreamworks, you would probably want to mix the two.
Centered – Wes Anderson films are not only memorable for their colorful characters and settings, but also for the brilliantly simple cinematography.
Hoffman – Learn piano? Sure, why not. This is the place to do it. 3 units, 60 lessons, all free.
Freebies – Loads and loads of web design resources, from themes and typeface to preloaders and menus. Thanks Rod.
Brackets – And one not in the mix above, but an absolute must have. An open-source text editor for coding. Even has a live preview. Thanks Adam.
Riptide – Some poppy, good newness from Vance Joy, likely to pretend you’re strumming a banjo or at least make you clap.
Patatap – I’ll leave you with this, as it’s likely to be the most fun you have for the next several hours or through the weekend. Tip: Type your name over and over again.


Woman Gets First Ever 3D Printed Skull Cap Implant

27 Mar, 2014 by in FAB

You’ve heard of people with metal plates in their heads. Well, now there is a woman who can lay claim to having the first 3D printing brain cage. Yes, this is the first that a person has had their entire cranium replaced with a 3D printed implant. Surgeons at UMC Utrecht removed portion of a woman’s skull due to abnormal thickening which caused pressure on the brain. However, the print is not bone. It’s clear, shiny plastic. The 23 hour surgery was the world’s first ending in complete success and full recovery for the woman. All we know of the company who manufactured the implant is that they are an Australian-based specialist in the 3D printing field.

Maker Galaxy E12: Lynelle Cameron of The Autodesk Foundation

26 Mar, 2014 by in MAKER GALAXY

We’re always talking about the future of design, the future of technology, the future of MAKING. In a world where batteries that dissolve in the human body could power embedded health sensors, a world where music listeners can control and direct their own immersive music video experience, how do we find the next big thing? MakerGalaxy is a show that explores the crossroads of Design, Technology, and the Future of Making.

This week we talked with the president and CEO of a new initiative from Autodesk, Ms. Lynelle Cameron of the Autodesk Foundation. This new program from the leading software manufacturer aims to change how we think about Impact Design by taking great ideas and bringing them to reality faster than ever before. We’ll talk with Lynelle about everything from how she got involved with Autodesk after living in the Himalayas, how Autodesk is matching up with nonprofit product design firms, as well as what you can do to bring that great idea to life.