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At SolidWorks World 2012, Josh and Adam bagged an exclusive interview with the one and only Bernard Charles, CEO of a little French mom-and-pop known as Dassault Systèmes (that’s ‘Dassault Systems’ for you Anglophones). Bernard was kind enough to give us some titillatingly juicy details about things to come at Dassault.

Bernard Charles Interview

We asked him about how he became CEO, the challenges facing the 3D software industry, the long-awaited SolidWorks Live Buildings, the death of T-Splines for SolidWorks, the future of CATIA V6 and it’s influence on SolidWorks, and Dassault’s strategy. (Did we miss anything?)

Watch the seven-minute edited podcast version above, or check out the full un-edited interview below. Enjoy!

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  • I get Live Buildings, a need for Live Buildings, a need for a new approach to 3d building design… perhaps! but, why the connection to SolidWorks? Simply because it is more mainstream? I don’t think that’s necessarily the right connection to make. SolidWorks is mechanical, not architectural and this mixing of culture, while it might just work, won’t be easy.

  • Acme

    That non-answer to the T-Splines question was worthy of a politician. “The best surface system in the world is Catia. By far.” And Ferraris will get you to work faster, but that doesn’t make them any more useful for the majority of car buyers.

  • interesting, they spend 200 million more on marketing and sales than on R&D..outch! and i’m really surprised solidworks still grew 12% – so i’m pretty sure they won’t listen to unhappy swx customers who want more geometry and surface features instead of (in my eyes) pretty useless additions like nFart! and sustainability.

  • Wasn’t there supposed to be an explanation of Live Buildings the day after this interview Bernard said? or is that still under NDA?

  • Nothing ever came about. You can see Live Building in SwYM App store, but it says, not available for download in this country.

  • Neil

    I want to punch him.
    Who is the woman?

  • Ferocious_imbecile

    Great interview. Very intersting. Thanks for posting it.

  • He looks so much like Eric Idle from Monty Python. 

  • Braconnier

    He really should have a better grip on his executives – never before in my life have I experienced such a unprofessional company!!!! I would love to send Mr. Charles a note and let him know the horrible experience I encountered with Dassault Systemes.

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