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This was a case of mistaken cake ingredients. No longer was there proof enough to hold his conscience or the large bag of magical, bean flour captive over the power of a 3×5 index card. The muffin slaps must continue and the perfect instrument of mixture to keep them going were these links.

Janine Rewell – Decorative, geometric color compositions with a beautiful application of texture in these illustrations from the Helsinki-based artist.
CG Hepburn – Galaxy chocolate ad by Framestore that bring back Audrey Hepburn. Possible proof that actors will not be needed in the future.
400,000 piece LEGO Castle – I don’t know what’s more impressive. That it took a whole year to build or that she included interiors with it as well.
Paintball Dual – A paintball fight between a black Audi RS 4 Avant and a white Audi RS 4 Avant. Gets vicious at 1:20.
Workspaces – Nothing like a workspace set up all nice and clean for a photo shoot. A slew of those for your inspiration.
Space balloon – What happens to a water-filled balloon when it’s popped in the vacuum of space? Peel, shockwave, shockwave, undulating mass, sphere, towel, sponge bath. via
Windows of New York – Because the windows of New York are different from anywhere else on earth and also José Guízar lives there.
The Me Bird – An interpretation of “The Me Bird” by Pablo Neruda and just a cool application of layers to create the animated visual.

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