Friday Smackdown: Leafy Glow Flesh

10 May, 2013 by in SMACKDOWN

Energized by the long strands of dried vegetation, the night became a garden coated in green. The embers sparkled beneath their flesh, igniting veins of air that wrapped the trees. Every where they were and every where they touched left the traces of these links.

Toni Bratincevic – The highly detailed models and work of this Croatian native who now puts his skill to us at Blizzard.
China vs Chinatown -How the two are different in super minimal black and red graphical illustration.
Micro Mayhem – 100% hand-crafted stop-motion car chase/battle scene with a deer head for a hood ornament. Also 100% awesome.
Ski posters of Europe – Hey hun, grab the skis, put your best sweater on and let’s look at these vintage posters with the kids!
x – Terry Moore explains why ‘x’ represents the unknown and how it came to be used in mathematics. Spoiler: You can’t pronounce ‘sh’ in Spanish.
Music Box – A music box made from a soil compactor, a knitting machine made from two excavators. Created by David Cole.
Oscillate – Beautiful and serene. Feel (and visualize) the beat with this School of Visual Arts thesis animation created by Daniel Sierra.
Open letter to moms – Advice and appreciation from the from Kid President. Don’t forget, it’s mom’s day this weekend.


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  • jeff bare

    Toni Bratincevic has some impressive work. Makes me want to stick my head into my computer screen to be in those scenes.