Josh Mings

Friday Smackdown: Iliop Poh Poh

And once he floated past the dock’s end, all scale disappeared from view. He could sense the foam, blue in it’s liquid hue, lapping against the distant rocks. A ferry’s horn creeping through the fog. Where would he hit? The light spoke. The flash blinding. There he lay in a field of white heather. Color shooting from the pores of these links.

Zeitguised – Their surreal cinematography visuals will amaze and astound you. Check this out and then proceed to their other projects. Thanks Alex!
Sci-Fi artwork – What if famous paintings were redone with a sci-fi twist. You’ve never seen it quite like this.
Kooroo – Crazy cool letterpress animal prints and wee ceramic animal sculptures. Will look great in the nursury.
Shoe Sculptures – These are not weird at all, unless you think faces spilling through the straps of a high heel are weird.
Needing/Getting – Nothing like the most awesome OK Go video ever to take you into the weekend. Thanks Dominic!

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