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The shadows of the glass pane broke against the faces pushing through the blades of thick, matted grass. But the face of man they were not. Out of the soil they rose, massive albino porcupines encased in blazing orbs of blue fire, fueled by the quill-blazing power of these links.

Nivanh Chanthara – New work from Nivanh to make you climb the highest tower and shoot high pitched robotic whines of joyous delight from your mouth.
Skyhouse – Among the accoutrements of this New York Penthouse, a four story stainless steel tub slide, contemporary style and a rock wall of sorts. Thanks Eric.
Metal Gear Sunrising – Raiden is just like you or me–gets up in the morning, prepares for the day, has horrible PTSD when the blender starts. You know, the usual.
Paper Marbling – The process of Ebru (Turkish for paper marbling) is absolutely fantastic. The music by DeVotchka makes a great addition as well.
Kreb’s Cycle Rap – This is why the internet will never end. People simply need access to content like this. You are now informed.
Ampergram – Create various graphical layouts with letters tagged from Instagram by simply typing. Not a very good description, I know. Just try it.
Top Secret Drum Corps – And this is why robots make a good drum corp group. Love these guys.

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