Wisdom of the Crowd: Haptics, Sumpod and an Open Source Construction System


Have you ever wanted to actually interact with your 3D model? Sculpt its surface as if it was clay? Feel the response to bending your rubber do-hicky? How about have an snazzy-looking, aluminium 3D printer for less than $1000? Or, how about a low cost construction system without the need for specialty hardware? It may all be possible very soon through these three projects.

Haptic-controlled 3D modelling software

Anarkik3D is aiming to raise $120,000 via Indiegogo. These funds will go toward hiring two full-time programmers and complete the development of Cloud9, Anarkik3D’s haptic 3D CAD design program. In the words of Ann Marie Shillito, CEO and founder of Anarkik3D, they aim to make a program for designers, by designers. Fair enough – sign me up! The project has just launched raising $2,290 with 65 days left. A donation of $800 gets you Cloud9 plus a Falcon Haptic device. Check it out here.

SUMPOD Aluminum

Remember the SUMPOD? They’ve released another round of crowd funding for their Aluminum SUMPOD, which I might add, looks sexy as hell. The corners are fabulous – a lovely touch. A $799 pledge gets you a small Aluminum SUMPOD, and $1099 gets you a large one. If you aim to squirrel up a few 3D printers as Christmas presents, you could also drop $9,990 on a set of 10 large Aluminum SUMPODs. Yes, you could print all your stocking stuffers. If you want to make a donation, point your cursor here. The campaign ends April 26th!

Open Source Construction System

While were on the topic of Aluminum – Don’t you just love a good T-slot! I’ve seen them used for camera tripods, 3D printers, bike frames – they’re perfect for applications where sturdiness and customization are an absolute necessity. But they don’t come for cheap. Manufacturers sell extruded bars at a low price but keep specialized bolts and plate prices high. So Terence Tam of Redmond, WA created his own T-slot bar and joint-set that utilize standard 3mm hex bolts. A self-described tinkerer and engineer, Tam designed his T-slots with keeping costs as low as possible. So far he’s raised $62,180 of $30,000 – last day is April 29th. Right on Tam! Check out the project here.


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