As the landscape of 3D printers has grown exponentially in the past few years, so have the number of options for printable materials. With options ranging from carbon fiber to flexible plastics, you would be hard-pressed to not find a suitable option for your next prototype or other 3D printing project.

But what if there was a 3D printer that focused more on a range of material input options rather than material outputs?

The David from Sculptify has taken the stance of approaching the 3D printer market with a growing library of materials using their pretty-sweet FLEX (Fused Layer Extrusion) technology:

“Unable to utilize the full power of pelletized materials with current 3D printing technology, we decided to develop our own, which we call FLEX (Fused Layer Extrusion). At its core, FLEX is inspired by proven technology from the plastics industry, but with new features and innovations that make it great for 3D printing.”

YouTube video

The concept of pellets isn’t necessarily new, yet few people or companies have branded the experience or made it truly user-friendly. Additionally, the use of pellets removes unnecessary steps from the material manufacturing process which in turn reduces the overall carbon footprint:

“There are many additional engineering and manufacturing steps that are involved in turning pellets into filament. These layers of cost add up, and are forwarded directly to your wallet. Additionally, with all of this processing, the likelihood of contamination and reduced quality become very high. Printing with pellets also prevents many issues that currently plague filament-ready 3D printers, including poor tolerances, air bubbles, and contamination.”



As for ‘experimenting with material options’…why not start a conversation about repurposing that growing collection of plastic bags under your kitchen sink?:

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The David is currently available on Kickstarter for $2,845.


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