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It seems like we’re in no shortage of inspirational short maker films these days, and The Secret Story of Toys is the latest to catch our attention. Kansas City, Missouri-based filmmaker Anthony Ladesich of Mile Deep Films has documented the often-overlooked craft of toy sculpting and the processes behind making those toys real manufacturable products…much to our enjoyment.

The Secret Story of Toys

“You’re basically being a kid.”
-Toy Sculptor Jason Frailey

When was the last time you stepped into a toy shop and browsed the action figure aisles? The amount of detail that goes into each Predator, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Star Wars, and any other well-made action figure is mind-boggling. Unlike other forms of toy design that take a more CAD-based design approach, action figures are essentially mass-produced handmade sculptures containing in some cases over 50 individual parts:














Anybody else just have a sudden re-assessment of their dream job?

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  • Lee Lloyd

    Had I known people like this when I was younger, my life probably would have turned out very differently. I was a modeler from a young age, and the only reason I ever got into computer design to begin with, was because every time I would sculpt something, my art teachers would tell me “that isn’t a sculpture, that’s a toy!” As a result, I constantly failed art, and was pushed to my second interest, computers. I guess everything turned out well, but it is hard not to be wistful about what would have happened had anyone encouraged me to keep sculpting toys.

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