The Secret Story of Toys: Awesome Behind-the-Scenes Look at Toy Sculpting and Prototyping


It seems like we’re in no shortage of inspirational short maker films these days, and The Secret Story of Toys is the latest to catch our attention. Kansas City, Missouri-based filmmaker Anthony Ladesich of Mile Deep Films has documented the often-overlooked craft of toy sculpting and the processes behind making those toys real manufacturable products…much to our enjoyment.

The Secret Story of Toys

“You’re basically being a kid.”
-Toy Sculptor Jason Frailey

When was the last time you stepped into a toy shop and browsed the action figure aisles? The amount of detail that goes into each Predator, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Star Wars, and any other well-made action figure is mind-boggling. Unlike other forms of toy design that take a more CAD-based design approach, action figures are essentially mass-produced handmade sculptures containing in some cases over 50 individual parts:














Anybody else just have a sudden re-assessment of their dream job?


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  • Lee Lloyd

    Had I known people like this when I was younger, my life probably would have turned out very differently. I was a modeler from a young age, and the only reason I ever got into computer design to begin with, was because every time I would sculpt something, my art teachers would tell me “that isn’t a sculpture, that’s a toy!” As a result, I constantly failed art, and was pushed to my second interest, computers. I guess everything turned out well, but it is hard not to be wistful about what would have happened had anyone encouraged me to keep sculpting toys.