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If the video that Sandboxr has put together is any indication of the smooth, fluid, character-building fab fun you’ll be having, February 1st can’t come soon enough. On that day, they’re launching an app that puts the mix on the circa-2008 Spore 3D Creature Creator and the web-based My Robot Nation 3D printed robot army builder. From using both of those I must say… Parents, be warned, both you and your children will spend hours creating 3D creatures, characters, robots and more.

Sandboxr 3D Printing app

Details on the new app are sparse, but the idea is simple. Sandboxr is an web-based app to create models that can be 3D printed. The illustration you see here shows the creation of a cute little warrior boy character, but the possibilities Sandboxr is likely thinking of are endless, particularly for the ‘everyman’ market they’re aiming the app toward. The Utah-based start-up developed their own software to power your character customizing experience and you will of course be able to use it via touch-enabled devices. Here’s a look.

Welcome to Sandboxr from sandboxr on Vimeo.

This comes on the back of 3D Systems delivering their Cubify AppCreate and API that turns Cubify.com into a model-creating, 3d-printing delivery platform for designers and developers. Some stiff competition, but Sandboxr seems unique enough to stand on it’s own and give any other model building app a run for the money. I have no doubt that 1) 3D Systems (or Autodesk, or Shapeways… why doesn’t Shapeways have their own 3D modeling app yet??) will acquire these guys and 2) we’ll be seeing more model web-based model building apps hitting the web this year.

You can get on the invite list at the Sandboxr site.







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  • Looks like more people are on to the key to making 3D printing explode – it’s the software. Like desktop publishing before it, nobody cared what was out there until it was easy enough for everyone to use. You didn’t have to be a professional typesetter to use Word, and you shouldn’t have to be a professional CAD designer to produce 3D prints at home. When it becomes plug & play, it’ll be bigger than gold teeth.

  • TNA

    Hey Josh, I’m a big fan! thank you for this article. I think the “idea” of 3d printing is really cool, however its frustrating because to me its just that! An “idea”, and not a “reality”. Why? Because I’m not a brainiac CAD expert computer nerd! We really need applications that are for the “everyman” as Sandboxr is claiming. I hope it works. Sure would be cool to feel like I could jump in on this 3d printing band wagon. Good Luck Sandboxr. Also, I hope you’re right and we do see more web based 3D printing apps.

  • Josh M

    yep, what you are saying is exactly the vibe Sandboxr is pickin’ up. Soon!!