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What’s more fun than spending a few hours (days) building your very first 3D printer? Watching a videographic about those who have already built their first 3D printer (not really more fun). Stephen Murphey has put together this superb visualization of the survey results gathered by the “The Journal of Peer Production” in a global survey on the bulging growth of the 3D printing community. It’s snazzy and should be watch immediately.

3D Printing Visualization

If you read the entire Manufacturing in Motion survey it will take you about 1 hour. Stephen’s video… 1 minute 29 seconds. Enough time to watch it, then call your dad and tell him to watch it. Stephen put the results of this together using Adobe After Effects CS6 and he promises more videos to come. We hope so.

Via Stephen Murphey

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  • I think the thing I’m most excited about is that 15% that has just high school or less for education. It seems proof that these technologies are becoming increasingly more accessible and I hope it continues in that direction. Thanks for the post.

  • JF

    I hope that’s true. I know a number of less-educated people that are into 3D printing because its so revolutionary, which means there aren’t a lot of specially trained people in that industry. Steve Jobs, Woz, Bill Gates … none had a college degree.