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If there’s anything that symbolizes the next industrial revolution, it’s a winged skull… with a Crooked Cairn hanging below it. If you have one of Joshua Harker’s 3D Printed Anatomica Filigre sculptures (and love his “tangle” art pieces), you probably wondered what he would create next to best it all. I present to you Anatomica di Revolutis. Joshua Harker’s new 3D Printed kinetic sculpture project that goes live on Kickstarter today.

Anatomica di Revolutis

Harker’s last project, Crania Anatomica Filigre, was the highest funded sculpture project on Kickstarter to date. With all the thought, ideology and moving bits put into this newly inspired extended version, he’s likely to strike a vibe with a wide range of 3D Print fans, aficionados and collectors.

Representing the project is a 3-piece sculpture entitled “Anatomica di Revolutis” (loosely intended to mean “Anatomy of the Revolution”). Each component is designed to assemble together to present a larger narrative about the developing 3rd Industrial Revolution. The fully assembled sculpture features all 3 pieces & symbolizes liberty & prosperity through an empowered participatory populace. It is designed to hang on a wall or other vertical surface.

I don’t think Joshua thought I’d be wearing it around my neck. BOOM. Revolution on the go. I had often wondered where Joshua would go after the beautiful, albeit static, form of his Anatomica Filigre skull. The development of a 3D printed sculpture with moving pieces (75 in the wings alone) that are printed in their entirety seems both highly appropriate and excruciatingly awesome. Asking Joshua about idea, he told me…

“The wings began as an exploration into a new ornithology series idea, but the metaphor quickly grabbed my imagination and it went from there. It really just hit me one night. I was in the middle of a lot of big things and felt I needed to get creative about it. So, I really tried to push myself on this project as well–kinetic & mechanical stuff, 2D translations–a follow up design to the project that put me on the map. I wanted it all to support the overall optimism and message behind the piece.”

When you help fund the project, you can receive the entire 3D printed “Anatomica di Revolutis” 3-Piece Sculpture for $550 or get the various pieces that make up the whole in different sizes and price points. He has the low funding goal of $500, so it’s more about the art that making money off the massive melody of coverage he’s sure to receive. I snagged one his last sculptures and am glad to add to the collection with this. Here’s a look at the detail put into the sculpture.

Crania Revolutis (click to view in 3D)

All image copyright Joshua Harker

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  • Jon

    Yeah, neat stuff for sure! Great looking skull, he spent LOTS of time building it and the fact that he can sell the identical product at different sizes within different price points shows the true power of 3D printing.

    Founder of CNCKing.com