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Shashinkan is Japanese for ‘photobooth’, and Japanese creative agency PARTY has created the ultimate in Shashinkans with the Omote 3D. The project will allow customers to buy models of themselves (at parties, presumably) in three sizes: small (10cm high), medium (15cm) and large (20cm). Prices start at a fairly steep $250, but depending on how fun the night is, might be worth it…

Omote 3D Shashinkan

While the technology isn’t necessarily new, the context in which the tech is being used makes for a great conversational topic at any party. As the prices drop and print speeds increase a few years down the road, could you imagine the business opportunities for on-site 3D scan/printers for weddings, graduations, and pretty much any other event that one would hire a professional photographer for? What would you even call that? A ‘Professional 3Dographer’?

MakerBot has also recently added a 3D photobooth to their retail store, however the print stops at the neck, and doesn’t necessarily allow for multicolor printing at the moment. In contrast, the Omote 3D offers full body print with extremely accurate textures and colors.

Makerbot 3D Photobooth

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  • Technology continues to amaze me. Makes me wonder if I’m going to have little figures of my future grandkids instead of annual school photos – which would be cool, actually, to have a properly-scaled version of how much they grow.