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Using his trademark futuristic lines on an otherwise nostalgic sci-fi centerpiece, Marc Newson’s latest design is a yin and yang of what could have been and what could be. Anybody who remembers the 1991 movie The Rocketeer may have a sudden flashback–but hold the steampunk; Marc injects this iconic fantasy product with a little bit of his own futuristic flavor.

Marc Newson’s Body Jet


Designed for a small French aerospace firm, the Body Jet is a carbon fiber body that features retractable landing gear, ergonomic padding for the user, and a patented gyroscopic control system that ensures you don’t end up head first in a swamp.


Based on activity level, the user can find themselves with an estimated air time of 45 minutes to one hour. Depending on the quality of fuel, one might find themselves with more or less altitude.


Newson’s intent for the project is that it would become available to the public…although when Marc designs something for ‘the public’ he is usually referring to those who purchase $1.5 million dollar motorboats and the like. Regardless…let’s hope it happens sooner rather than later, and comes with a detailed user manual.









via Marc Newson

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  • Some great looking details. I think I like everything but the joystick handles, they don’t appear as thought out, but do add a bit of retro flavoring.

  • Simon Martin

    I agree Jeff–the handles are ultimately the only real connection that the user has to the device. I feel like more time could have been spent there both ergonomically and stylistically.

  • Ben_Druce

    I’m guessing the 5mm LEDs are another retro touch….