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While it probably should have been at least ‘considered’ by the Kickstarter devs awhile ago, the recently released Kickstarter Status Board is a free Google Chrome App that makes tracking social media, funds raised, and other details on a campaign easier to track.

Designed by the same intelligent fellows who brought the Soma Water Filter to market through their own Kickstarter campaign, the dashboard offers pretty much everything you could want to know about your campaign in a single interface. Inspired by the dramatic influx of tweets, Facebook posts, blog mentions, and emails within the first 36 hours of the launch of their Soma campaign, the team describes the experience as “nuts”:

“We were being inundated with everything from tweets to Facebook posts to messages on Kickstarter…It was crazy. We thought we did a really good job of preparing — we had a dedicated customer service person and a dedicated social media person — and it was still just nuts.”

-Mike Del Ponte, co-founder of Soma

Ironically, even though they had just made tons of new friends through social media, they still felt disconnected from those who were actually funding the campaign. When one user committed $5,000 towards the project (the maximum pledge amount), they weren’t able to engage directly with the mystery individual. Del Ponte’s co-founder (also the founder of Facebook’s Free Gifts application) built the dashboard within 24 hours to help manage their campaign–badass style.

While the dashboard has since been refined, the essence of its purpose still rings true and is available for anybody as a free extension for Google Chrome. Now you can manage in real-time all those tweets, facebook stories, web referrals, and other details that are crucial for successfully launching your project.

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  • GoMo Detox

    I’m wondering if anybody has any tips on how to build a similar status board for my CrowdSupply campaign I’m launching next week for my curated hangover/detox tea – GoMo Detox (www.gomodetox.com)? Any thoughts?

  • stoli5

    The links are broken and KickTraq, a similar app, unfortunately doesn’t work.