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Flat-pack designs are among my favorite when it comes to simplicity and intelligent thought. Not only are they creating 3D space out of 2D packaging, but they almost always incorporate some sort of origami-like thought in the design process and solve often-overlooked problems. The Applique Pop-Up Corner Light is one of those designs, and solves the problem of bare, cold, and empty corners in the room.

The Pop-Up Light

Designed by Well Well Designers, the lamp offers a new way to interpret the ‘dead space’ of corners:

Delivered in an envelope, the lamp is constructed from a sheet of cut and incised polypropylene that is produced in such a way that it produces a square, triangle, or circle when folded at a 90 degree angle.

When powered, the light creates a luminous shape, interacting with the otherwise bare architecture. Taking advantage of an often ignored space, the design is a clever way to make use of those bare edges. It’s always nice to see somebody doing something so simple to create an awesome product.

via Well Well Designers

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