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You’re in a meeting discussing schedule. The manager pauses mid-sentence and says, “Pop!” The boxy device in the middle of the table fires a fluffy popcorn morsel directly into his gaping mouth hole. Buttery, popped-corn heaven. The Popinator is a device from purveyors of fine popcorn snacking, Popcorn Indiana. They’ve revealed an internal project, designed using SolidWorks, that compliments the popcorn eating process and, we’re positive, provides hours of corn-munching fun.

The Popinator

The Popinator usea a binaural microphone system to pickup the subtlety in the difference of sound waves to locate where a certain sound originates from. The sound in this case is “pop” which triggers the device to fire a popped kernel from its portal to the spot where the word came from, your mouth.

The idea behind The Popinator is to instantly deliver popcorn into a person’s mouth just by saying the word “pop”. The Popinator is able to pinpoint where in the room the spoken word originated from and shoot a piece of popcorn at it. The Popinator shoots up to 15 feet and is for inside use only.

Inside use only? That’s a shame, because 95% of the Popcorn Indiana popcorn I eat is done in the pool, A POOL OF POPCORN. That’s right, and the only popcorn pool in the town, which also features a butter spewing fountain – keep your distance lest you be scalded. There’s no information about the Popinator being released as an actual product (which would also be a shame), but I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw the super market lady at the end of the isle offering Popcorn Indiana popcorn with one of these devices.

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  • Raghav

    Slick ! and very cool to see how big some mouths are…in a lighter vien.

  • Josh M

    shows how the human body adapts to technology 🙂

  • Raghav

    Seriously Josh..how do you get access to these !!! Mind blowing..Keep em coming.

  • LaszloZoltan

    change the “word” and the snack, and you’d have a great way for pets left alone to get an occasional treat for themselves- put it on a timer so they don t overdo it all at once