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If your blackjack hands have been getting a bit stale and you’re looking to conserve those hard-earned pennies, then consider this new bike building-themed Kickstarter project from graphic designer Alex Solomon. Geared consists of color-coded cards that represent different components of a bicycle assembly with the object of the game being to use your ‘Part Cards’ to strategically assemble multiple ‘Best Builds’, which are tallied up at the end of the game in a point system. Perhaps more importantly, the game presents a new way of approaching an assembly build in general and stretching that quick-thinking design muscle.

Geared: Build Your Bike

Geared comes with 96 cards (5 different levels of Parts Cards, 3 types of Action Cards, 3 Wild Cards) and just like in the real world, those action cards can sabotage a great bike hand…including the ability to swipe parts off of opposing players’ builds. The challenge is to avoid sabotaging your build and not use up all of your parts cards before completing a build, because once they’re used once they can’t be used for a better (and higher-scoring) build. In essence, the game requires strategic thinking when it comes to laying down parts into the right assembly at the right time:



Starting the Game

  • Players start off by choosing a dealer and having them shuffle the cards.
  • The dealer then gives each player 5 cards.
  • The person to the left of the dealer is the one who begins play.

During Your Turn

  • You can play a Parts Card to start or continue building a bike or you can play an Action Card to Remove, Steal, or Swap a Parts Card that another player has already played.
  • You can only play one card per turn. However, a player may play up to three Parts Cards in one turn only if all three cards being played are of the same level.
  • You may freely move Parts Cards between your incomplete builds.
  • At the end of your turn, you must draw the exact number of cards played during your turn.

Building a Bike

  • To build a bike, you must combine a Frame Card, Handlebars Card, and Wheels Card in the playing area in front of you.
  • The Part Levels do not have to match for a build to complete.
  • You can earn more points by completing a Set Build where all three Parts in the build of the same level.

Scoring and Winning

  • To win, a player must be the first one to earn 1000 points by building complete bikes.
  • Players earn a total amount of Set Points for a build when all three parts within the build are of the same level.
  • Players add up the individual Part Points for a build when all three parts are not the same level.


Who knows…this approach to thinking about assemblies could end up being a new way of helping teams tackle build problems in other projects?

Geared can be downloaded and printed for $5, or purchased in deck form for $20 via the Kickstarter campaign.

(Images via Geared)

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