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If the Segway was just too ‘mall cop’ for you, there are two treads and 13 HP of hope for you. The DTV Shredder is in full-blown production and now available to the public. BPG Werks has had the concept in the works since 2009, after Benjamin Gulak made his claim to fame with the UNO transforming motorbike, with the first concepts of DTV Shredders being used for special purpose, military and obnoxiously awesome photos of people flying through the air atop the machine. Now, they’re shipping them out and the price may just surprise you.


The wait is over

From Ben (on January 23rd) via the DTV Facebook page:

Many of you have been waiting for Shredders for over a year. Some people… have even been waiting for 2 years.

The wait is finally over. Our production is set up and we expect to be able to start shipping products within the next 45 days.

Thank you all for the patience and support. I promise the wait will have been worth it. We did not cut any corners. We are working with a top quality factory that works with some of the biggest companies in the world. Our welds are all done robotically and we have a very stringent quality check system. This project has been my sole focus the past 4 years I was going to make sure that when we finally came out with a product it’s amazing.


So glad the welds are done robotically, otherwise… well, you know. You can buy it for $3,999.99 (plus $500 shipping and handling) with delivery beginning March 2013. That’s $4.5k to zip across uneven terrain on mini tank-tracks at 30mph… not to mention the launching into the air. I dare you to try that for less. Video, additional launch shot and a little design process on the DTV handle at the end.






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