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As if 2013 couldn’t get any better folks, EngineerVsDesigner is BACK! Yes we caught a few fishes but mainly we slayed the dragons and drank hot toddies. Now that we’re back, it’s time to get the party started with an individual who not only resides over his wood shop with magical powers but is also the CEO of Autodesk–Mr. Carl Bass! Hang tight and we’ll talk with Carl all about what’s happening with CAD in the Cloud, 3D printing, and how he gets his mystical powers. Be sure to check out this episode and our archive featuring over 60 interviews with some of the design industry’s biggest movers and shakers.

This Week We’ll be Discussing:

  • Who are you, Carl Bass?
  • What is up with all the iOS apps? Where are they taking us?
  • Where is Autodesk today and where are they going?
  • Why CAD in the Cloud? (Fusion 360)
  • When can we expect Autodesk hardware?

This episode of EngineerVsDesigner is brought to you by Stratasys 3D Printers.

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  • Nice show guys, really great interview with Carl Bass, he sounds like a good bloke. It’ll be good to see him talk at the Develp3D conference in the UK now.

    Though as a long time Inventor user and now Fusion360 tester I’m even more confused about where my time & money should be going. I like your idea of the Product Design Suite being available like the Adobe Creative Cloud….he didn’t appear to sound so keen. Maybe I should just use Solidworks like Mr Bass 🙂

  • Josh M

    Thanks Mark! With other cad-related start-ups playing with subscription, cloud-based it’s going to get interesting. TeamPlatform, Tinkercad and sunglass.io definitely ones to watch for cloud/subscription pricing examples.