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Between those who may be presenting reasons for a particular color or feature on a logo, or those who consider themselves branding experts, there are quite a few questionable design jargon statements made in the design world. The Design Jargon Bull$#!& Tumblr is your humorous archive of ridiculous design statements that just might make you cringe so hard that a chunk of your right molar breaks off.

Design Jargon Bullshit

Perhaps you may have come across some design jargon bullshit yourself at some point in your career. Among other places, it seems to be pretty commonplace in art and design school project critique sessions and branding consultancy mission statements. Sentences such as “We designed a series of bubbles that represented both the idea of the consumer as having options and the letter “o”” and “BrandAid™ is a belief that runs through our creative veins and makes our thinking inspirational yet strategic” are simultaneously humorous and ridiculous, considering that they are actually real.

Design Jargon Bullshit links the source of the jargon to the actual article or other source online—for all to gawk at for the rest of history. This ‘search and destroy’ Tumblr could also be a lesson to keep mum when you feel like saying something like “We immerse ourselves in and harness this evolving energy and our websites embody our passion for flawless design”.

Some of our favorites (including the source):

“Our proven methodology includes the identification of what we call the ‘nugget of truth’ that exists in every brand”.

“This combination of colors serves as a metaphor for multiple parts that work together to create something new”.

“Shapes can be viewed as a sequence of chromosomes, a course of medical treatment, a group of bacteria, even people”.

“An intent to keep its outstanding blue colour whilst increasing subrange differentiation and product taste appeal”.

“A study in duality and texture. It’s tactical and combines serious with celebratory while remaining product focused”.

“A mixed typographic approach adds proud character alongside communication while illustrated details suggest heritage ”.

“The logo looks forward without neglecting the tradition of the sport and speaks to the speed and grace of the athletes and the patriotism of the fans”.

To hear more ridiculous designer quotes, head over to the DJB Tumblr or follow on Twitter.

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  • Has far-reaching implications vis a vis the unique properties of capturing the cultural lexicon and presenting them in a newly re-envisioned paradigm.

  • anthony

    quotes like this remind me of how easy it is to confuse jargon riddled BS with what amounts to very lazy writing. these quotes might actually represent high quality ideas but, unfortunately, from reading them you have no way of knowing.

  • Adam

    Agreed. Questionable jargon, but unquestionably horrendous writing!

  • Stefanitely

    Oh my god. I am laughing so hard. I’ve currently been reading cutting edge design books by B.I.R.D. about real design vocabulary, and it is so funny to see these examples. Bad design explanations are so stupid. you picked some great ones. thank you!