Despite being one of the most celebrated meals of the day, few people ever really have the time to make a full breakfast before running out the door. Unsurprisingly, this has led some to create automated breakfast machines that attempt to make waking up to a fresh plate of bacon and eggs as easy as setting the drip coffee machine the night before.

While we’ve seen various prototypes – such as The Breakfast Machine from Simone Giertz, who describes herself as “an expert in shitty robots” – few of these machines have ever been convincing enough to settle into an automated breakfast routine for good.

Aiming to make his retired life a little sweeter, inventor Peter Browne, 69, recently spent three months and over 1,000 hours building what he calls the ‘Sunday Morning Breakfast Machine’. Whether for Sundays or any other day of the week, Browne’s Wallace and Gromit-like contraption serves up perfect soft-boiled eggs, toast, coffee, tea, and even the morning newspaper – all at the push of a button:

YouTube video

Can we get a Kickstarter edition for this one, Peter?


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