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To coincide with the Design Museum‘s The Future is Here exhibition—a showcase displaying some of the most pioneering pieces of the new industrial revolution—the Museum caught up with iconic industrial designer Ron Arad to discuss his thoughts on 3D printing…and why he thinks it’s being abused now more than ever.

“…here’s another way of making things…”

Despite Arad’s stance on 3D printing (which, I would have to say I agree with), as anybody who knows will tell you: it’s never been a better time to be in the rapid prototyping market…just ask Bre Pettis.

Here’s some of those SLS 3D printed eyeframes that Arad came out with earlier this year:





What do you think? Is 3D printing the new synthesizer?

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  • David Perry

    3 months late…

    Good article–and a perfect follow up. The trick is that we have to hold both truths. For those with the good fortune to have years of exposure to 3D printers and other digital production techniques, it is appealing to dismiss 3D printing and the recent hype. To do so, though, totally misses the awesome potential of increasing access to new ways of creative expression.

    For those that are perhaps caught in the hype and the relative ease of access to digital manufacturing, it’s very easy to forget that these machines have been around for years. There’s a tendency to get excited about things simply because they’re 3D printed (guns?) without critically engaging with the end result as a thing with a function and a form.

    The truth is somewhere in the middle. That’s the beauty of it!