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Shapeways Introduces ‘Material Torture Tests’ on 3D Printing Materials…How Do The Materials Stack Up?

3 weeks ago

If you’re familiar with Shapeways, chances are you’ve heard of Shapeways’ Designer Evangelist Duann Scott. The enthusiastic spokesman for the popular on-demand 3D printing service is not only a great…


Plethora Gives You Instant Quotes to Machine Your SolidWorks or Inventor Parts

1 month ago

There are five things I want after designing a part–a damn part, damn fast. 3D printing was suppose to be the revolutionary technology that made all our manufacturing woes go…


DIY Weekend Smack 05: Show Your Date How Much You Love Him/Her With a Death Star Vase

2 months ago

Few things go better together than true love and a bag of Quikrete. Well, perhaps we can sit on that one for awhile but in the meantime, this Death Star…


Get Planked! Here’s a Roundup of the Top Ten Wood Pallet Hacks

2 months ago

As a follow-up to the Tramline Ride showcased last week, we’ve rounded up ten delightful DIY Pallet Hacks to add to your summer project list. Sourcing used (or even new)…

MCAD Forums: Surface a Skateboard Deck in SolidWorks

2 months ago

We’re workin’ on something pretty smokin’ for The Smack this week, and in the process we put together a quick tutorial. Check it out on MCADForums. While you’re there, consider posting a question or something so we can make fun of it help out. Have fun kids.


DIY Weekend Smack 04: Protect Your Desk From Pesky Co-Workers With This Nerf Sentry Gun

2 months ago

Office warfare can come in many forms. For some it involves competitive games of ping pong or foosball…for others it involves spitballs and the occasional foam dart. Perhaps you even…


Tool Pen: A Multi-Tool Pen Inspired by a Cheap Pencil Design

2 months ago

Open up the pockets or bag of your nearest design or engineer buddy and you’re bound to find at least a couple of common items: a sketchbook, a pen, a…


Flatter Files: A Digital Flat File Cabinet for Product Designers

3 months ago

Implementing a fully digital drawing workflow from end to end is a desire of many companies. The digital workflow should be divided into two categories: the workflow for drawing creation…

Cadjunkie Launches Smack-Tastic Downloadable SolidWorks Courses

4 months ago

Leave it up to industrial designer Adam O’Hern and his industrial design training site cadjunkie to sharpen those SolidWorks Ninja skills. Released today, the new and improved course pages for…