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Friday Smackdown: Grackle Smash

3 days ago

They spread from the ground like black ink from a swollen tear duct. How would ink come to be in a tear duct? Well, when the virus takes hold, you…


Friday Smackdown: Cup O’ Chug

1 week ago

We flew around the peak. The moss fires put us in a orange haze and gave the air a sappy taste. We wouldn’t be able to set down anywhere nearby,…


Friday Smackdown: Bif Boom Snap

2 weeks ago

And so it went, on and on, the taps against the wood, the cracks along the grain. It went dark, and the sound all but stop. A long breath out…


Friday Smackdown: Hair Bubbles

1 month ago

The bubbles rose in front of our faces, nearly lifting us off the plateau along with the wee furry beasts from whence the bubbles exploded out of their neck hairs,…


Friday Smackdown: Chunk the Clunk

1 month ago

We threw it hard, like we had five arms each and the strength of a cattle-prodded meglephant. It was only a small asteroid, mostly ore, filled with holes growing the…


Friday Smackdown: Snowcone Your Muffinpan

1 month ago

The stage went black. More screams were the least of what we wanted to hear, but that’s what happens in the dark, just before thousands of people start throwing snowcones…


Friday Smackdown: Black Tie Bangarang

2 months ago

The dust settled, then floated. The air grew thick, rabbit fur and gopher whiskers everywhere. Where did it come from? When had there been such an excess of gophers? We…


Friday Smackdown: Cuttlefish Backlash

2 months ago

The sea was it. Salty air, stormy waters and if you hung your jowls above the surface as the sun was setting, the tentacles of speckle-throated Cuttlefish gently slap your…


Friday Smackdown: Dark as Ink

2 months ago

Catch them, the wiles, the frozen pots of two. Wrapped¬†and bent around the child, as he bid them to, lift him him up and throw his arrows made of dust…