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Friday Smackdown: The CandleMan Tale

22 hours ago

They burnt on days we didn’t have the light. Risking our hairs and skins, we gathered close. The candles were all we had, and the nimphs, oh how they liked…


Friday Smackdown: When Shatter The Glass

1 week ago

Built on their foreheads, we travelled far and the days we’re indistinguishable. A golem? Yes. A rabbit? Of course. You couldn’t expect such a creature to stay dormant forever. Their…


Friday Smackdown: Squeal Orange Poppers

2 weeks ago

The orange popped. Not the color. The fruit. We thought we were the last on the platform, but something down the tunnel let us know otherwise. Its squeal burst the…


Friday Smackdown: Vacuum-Cracking Blast

3 weeks ago

The papers clanged. But how? It was normal paper after all–white, some edges creased, even a coffee cup stain here and there. But they were different in the light. Silver…


Friday Smackdown: Trip Sniggly

4 weeks ago

The chamber door sent impact shudders through the last nerves of the last inhabitants of the last inhabitable cave of the last inhabitable planet. How? Out in the darkness? The…


Friday Smackdown: Metal Spine Fibers

1 month ago

An eye, no three, past in front of the crack made by its last wood-splitting hit. There hadn’t been any of their kind pass through here in months, so it…


Friday Smackdown: Glowing Nostril Flare

1 month ago

It was a party of pigeons and pygmy goats. One against the other? No, they were in cahoots. The pigeons, responsible for logistics. The goats responsible for ballistics. Together they…


Friday Smackdown: Furble Sneek

2 months ago

The cones cracked beneath our feet, and the air was putrid, but we were able to finally find how the rasp moths had burrowed through. Though they were large, their…


Friday Smackdown: Tortilla Shield

2 months ago

The rice grains pelted our faces–our faces shielded by pan-seared tortillas, haha! The joke was on them. Not even the soggy, beef soaked jabs of their tendrils could turn us…