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Friday Smackdown: Watery Meat Sniggles

4 days ago

Locked in the moss-clad, iron-sided shed the sound reverberated with each drop. It fell from the sky, shifting the color, filling any exposed crevice, leaking in through the cracks where…


Friday Smackdown: Gravel Spritz Shrub Popper

2 weeks ago

We blew past them in a spritz of gravel and glass, popping the shrubberies like catapulted rocks into the air. We could handle the speed–oh, we could handle the speed–what…


Friday Smackdown: Eye Guzzle

3 weeks ago

We looked hither, we looked yonder, and all we saw was more than we could take in with our eyes. Light whipping from their fur, jowls blazing and toothless gums…


Friday Smackdown: Quill Creature

4 weeks ago

A loud noise and thin sheets of metal fell. Though it had peeled off its thin cosmetic lid, the thick frame revealed how many porcupine quills it took to construct…


Friday Smackdown: Chicken Skin-cicles

1 month ago

Crinkled skin and bloodshot eyes filled the light as it passed by. Once we had thought there would be plenty of dark to hide such a hideous sight, but whatever…


Friday Smackdown: Fur Turnips

2 months ago

A stick lattice fence grew against the prairie hills, looking half forgotten, but for the kempt hedgerow and berries picked clean. We watched for days wondering when their days started,…


Friday Smackdown: Peppered Gravy Balls

2 months ago

It was a bottle of buns, and two of gravy. Though it took a few minutes for our eyes to adjust to the dim lit counter, we were able to…


Friday Smackdown: The CandleMan Tale

2 months ago

They burnt on days we didn’t have the light. Risking our hairs and skins, we gathered close. The candles were all we had, and the nimphs, oh how they liked…


Friday Smackdown: When Shatter The Glass

3 months ago

Built on their foreheads, we travelled far and the days we’re indistinguishable. A golem? Yes. A rabbit? Of course. You couldn’t expect such a creature to stay dormant forever. Their…