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Friday Smackdown: Candy Laden Furballs

3 days ago

When you’ve thrown all the plates and have begun tossing furballs laden with gum and colorful candies, you shouldn’t be surprised if they come flying back at you. For the…


Friday Smackdown: Moss Slabs of Memphis

1 week ago

Early in those days the floor was covered with it. Not just the floors, but also the walls, the paths, the feed store and occasionally a small mammal that sat…


Friday Smackdown: Red Plant Gases

2 weeks ago

There they were, five of the baby yak mice walking along the stream, the wind blowing their wispy beards, not a care in the world, and yet is was such…


Friday Smackdown: Chill Squirrel Gnaw

3 weeks ago

The chill was a jagged bolt that cut through the air. Many had fallen on that frozen grass, snowflakes and men, still to this day. Most had expressions of, “Get me a…


Friday Smackdown: Beetle Back Slap

1 month ago

We rode all day. The dust, the dirt, the smoke, the buzz–not the kind from drinking their fermented milk, the kind you hear even in your sleep. However, it was…


Friday Smackdown: Shards of Awesome

1 month ago

When the bowls fell against the ground, the silence shattered, the kicks flew and spatters of oatmeal hit those in the blast radius. Any area of exposed skin was… well,…


Friday Smackdown: The Ahhs Have It

1 month ago

“Ahh! That’s remarkable!” he says. “Ahh, but did you see what happens when you pop it up like… this!” “Ahh! that is a wonderful popping thing.” And *pop* it went….


Friday Smackdown: The Ear Furs Are Tinglling

2 months ago

The chalk dust sank in the orbit of a damp atmosphere. No where had we been able to wet the ear furs so quickly, picking up sounds so subtle that…


Friday Smackdown: Till Agru

2 months ago

The land went on for miles, blocks upon blocks of earth, cobblestone and fire. But food… food was scarce. There were ways we could we could survive. To spare the…