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Friday Smackdown: The Dripping Singe

1 day ago

In total, there were enough to overtake us blindfolded with all of their whip-arms tied behind their backs. But we had a tub of things they would never suspect. A…


Friday Smackdown: Regalian Nostril Slap

1 week ago

They flared. We stepped back. Who know what those things could have done. There were stories of them taking the skin right off you, clothes still on. What seemed so…


Friday Smackdown: Fire the Blast Rockets

2 weeks ago

“Tim! Shut the door!” Brin always made the crew nervous before a launch. She was on edge most the time, but always after a particularly messy run in with Lorackian…


Friday Smackdown: The Fin Cutters

3 weeks ago

It rose, within a wave, and the shrieks were muffled but a second before the water shed from the five orifices, gasping the air and wrenching the deepest guttural sounds…


Friday Smackdown: It Burns Like a Biscuit

4 weeks ago

Blasts of fur sent bits and stings rippling across our bony structure. They were no match for us. However, we didn’t expect what they had, lain and buried beneath the…


Friday Smakcdown: Tendril Grendel

1 month ago

Tendrils stretch between the slender thicket, lining the path, worn through over the centuries. The smell was like oranges, but slightly rancid. That when we saw it sitting there. Large,…


Friday Smackdown: Launch the Milk Balls

1 month ago

When we pulled them from our pockets, sopping wet, ready to be hurled through the blades, we didn’t realize how many we needed. Then it happened. In one fell swoop,…


Friday Smackdown: Poppin’ and Hoppin’

2 months ago

We jumped two by two into each puddle. It could have gone on all day, poppin’ and hoppin’ like those small, mechanical bugs we would squish on the walls, just…


Friday Smackdown: Curdled Link Screams

2 months ago

The cheese was curdled and it took all you could just to throw it far enough. After all, think of what would happen if you didn’t. Now was the time…