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Friday Smackdown: Fire the Catapults

3 days ago

The push was hard. The gear, a chunk of wood that twisted with the strain on the oars. We pushed, wrapping the length of squirrel tails every tighter around the…


Friday Smackdown: Roofline Blues

1 week ago

When going along the shingled edge, busy with squirrels and dried paths of slugs, it’s best to recall the times that you fell, the lava below, the conch shell you…


Friday Smackdown: Uproot the Crabapple

2 weeks ago

Tilting, he was a wobbly chap! His ears flopping with each hop. Why I recall the time he uproots an entire crabapple grove with one paw and the twitch of…


Friday Smackdown: Speckle-throated Platypus

3 weeks ago

Sometime when you’re scrubbing the back of a venomous, speckle-throated platypus, you’ll notice its legs start to contract until the entire animal is a perfectly spherical fur ball with a…


Friday Smackdown: Lungs of Dust

1 month ago

The tips of ears twitched as the ground trembled and rolled. Folds of colored stone approached as if breathing days of old. And it was for, from the lungs of…


Friday Smackdown: The Teeth and Fur Were Lit

1 month ago

The lenticular chasm of shifting light made the fur around their teeth jump even closer. There were waves of them. Chirping as the foraged upon the bodies. But wait, these…


Friday Smackdown: Doughnut Jelly Water Balloons

1 month ago

In they went one by one, down into the darkest black cave you ever did see. The water droplets echoed off the walls with a deafening stillness that sent a…


Friday Smackdown: 64 Potato Slaps

2 months ago

Side to side, once was all, and in the burrow it went. The clitter-clatter, putt and hull, were all the noises sent, through skin and fur, as if it heard…


Friday Smackdown: Paradise Engineering

2 months ago

He was a large man of burly stature with a thick black beard, scarred hands, and piercing blue eyes…eyes that could make even the saltiest of Kracken shiver in fear….