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Friday Smackdown: Swarm Roar

5 days ago

Captured in the rain and looking toward the hill, we ran. The rumble of the swarm oscillated with the falling water to the point we couldn’t hear our own footsteps….


Friday Smackdown: Greepler PudgyToe

2 weeks ago

He was a kind old soul, trudging to and fro. Where there wasn’t a path, he would spend days making one with his wooden spoon, large feet and a whistle…


Friday Smackdown: The Grillery

3 weeks ago

We wrapped a few of them in toasted cheese curdles and a donut. “Don’t worry, you’ll realize the potential after you taste it.” That’s what she kept saying, but we…


Friday Smackdown: Avocado Monster

4 weeks ago

We would pop a few over the fence, just to hear the reaction. It was usually a grumble of sorts, a low guttural sound of pre-digested enzymes breaking down the…


Friday Smackdown: Bucket of Wet Rolls

1 month ago

We had already eaten our fill when they wheeled out the largest bucket we had ever seen–it’s why they had removed the wall and fitted that senile, old robot lady…


Friday Smackdown: Gut Knuckles

1 month ago

The muscles tightened before we could even jump. It was high, but shorter than the last fall. It’s the last 20 feet that gets you. Hitting the thrust reversers at…


Friday Smackdown: The Glassy Churn

2 months ago

Flipping along the line, high above the glassy churn, the wisps hit the wind before finding their way onto our arms. Being this high was never a problem. It’s when…


Friday Smackdown: The Dripping Singe

2 months ago

In total, there were enough to overtake us blindfolded with all of their whip-arms tied behind their backs. But we had a tub of things they would never suspect. A…


Friday Smackdown: Regalian Nostril Slap

2 months ago

They flared. We stepped back. Who know what those things could have done. There were stories of them taking the skin right off you, clothes still on. What seemed so…