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ZERO1 Helmet Design Prevents Head Trauma in Football Players

3 days ago

Football is about playing hard and playing fast, but it also involves a lot of safety risks. Movies like Concussion bring up issues about how many players suffer from brain…


Yves BĂ©har Blends Digital Features with the Analog Experience for the New Super 8 Camera

6 days ago

From the resurgence of movie franchises based on comic book characters to the growing trend of vinyl record sales and hi-fi audio, the demand for bringing back the past has…


Cabot 1911 Pistol Is Made From a Meteorite, Is World’s Most Expensive Ever

1 week ago

Pennsylvania based Cabot Gun has designed and fabricated a pair of 1911 pistols made out of a 35kg (77 lb) chunk of the Gibeon meteorite. Called the “Big Bang Pistol…


Barstow Bike Tool Design Stores Away Secretly in Your Handlebar

2 weeks ago

When you’re barreling down that singletrack and decide to wrap yourself around a half-rotted pine, the first thing that runs through your head may be a branch with a frightened…


This Coffee Table Design Puts an Ocean Abyss in Your Home

2 weeks ago

Duffy London, a furniture company started by designer Christopher Duffy, provides furniture that you’re guaranteed not to find at IKEA. Their products can be considered modern art and then take…


The MICRO is the Strongest, Most Minimal Wallet You’ll Ever Want

2 weeks ago

While some people stuff anything and everything into their wallet, others prefer the minimalist money-clip approach with that ever-so-modern feel of ‘less is more’. Those who fall into the latter…


Oristand is the $25 Sit-Stand Desk That Is 100% Recyclable

2 weeks ago

It’s hard to practice good posture when we’re slumped over our computers and smartphones all day. I think the condition is called Tech-neck–we all do it. Whether it’s for work…


Japanese Architect Kengo Kuma Introduces Minimalist “Japanese LEGO” Cedar Block Set

3 weeks ago

It’s not easy to take on the task of improving upon one of the world’s most simple and well-loved toy building block designs – particularly if that building block is…


Build A 100% 2×4 Workbench With This Simple Instructable

3 weeks ago

This past weekend I took apart a massive 2×4 workbench–it covered the entire side of a garage. It was large enough to lay two 4×8 plywood sheets end-to-end, dismantle a…