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The Mollusc Tent Protects You From the Elements Thanks to a Clever Use of Biomimicry

10 hours ago

When it comes to tent camping, there’s a fine line between what can be a memorable weekend away or what can quickly turn into a disastrous nightmare that exposes you…


Anchor Dock: A Fancy Clamp to Free Up That Desk Space

6 days ago

Desk space or even table space is often over-cluttered, leaving little of that valuable real estate left for anything besides a cup of Joe or some fatty snacks. To free…


Dying Art of Glasswork Kept Alive With These Beautiful Horse Sculptures

1 week ago

You’re on vacation on the Northeast coast of Italy – Trieste to be exact. It embodies Venice’s romantic waterways, while flirting with the styles of neighboring Croatia and Slovenia. You…


Baron Fig Takes on Writing Instruments with the All-New Squire

1 week ago

When they first hit the scene with their Confidant sketchbook back in January of 2014, NYC-based Baron Fig became one of the few Kickstarter success stories that involved the creation…


The TUSK is an All-in-One Survival Knife for the 21st Century

2 weeks ago

Back in the 80’s, the survival knife scene was dominated by cheap foreign-made Rambo blades. You know, the ones with the hollow handle that was filled with everything from matches…


Behind the Design: How Vestige Launched a Successful T-shirt Brand

2 weeks ago

Today, we’re looking at something a little different. We don’t often cover topics outside industrial design and engineering, but we’re all about the process, the business of design, and particularly about…


Why the Coca-Cola Bottle Design Has Powered the Brand for Nearly 130 Years

2 weeks ago

It’s almost impossible to think about soft drinks without thinking about Coca-Cola. The brand has managed to stay on top for nearly 130 years, and a lot of the success…


Behind the Design: The Astro Bluetooth ‘Pure Audio’ Speaker

2 weeks ago

If you sit a computer all day, you likely have a speaker sitting there next to you, and if you like to take that speaker with you, it’s likely a…


These Robots Will Change and Rearrange Your Room in Minutes

2 weeks ago

Who doesn’t love a trip to Ikea? (10 hours and 5 plates of Swedish meatballs later… nobody.) Yes, while you’re browsing through the warehouse munching on those delicious café goods,…