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Just Four Hours Left to Go on Kickstarter for This Amazing Rocket Fuel-Inspired Desk Toy

8 hours ago

It goes without saying – science should be (and most often is) fun and entertaining. When we’re curious our minds are the most open to new ideas and sometimes people…


Tools for Spring: The Leatherman Tread Wrist-Worn Multi-Tool

6 days ago

“Head out on the highway, looking for adventure and whatever comes our way” – Steppenwolf, Born to be Wild. Move over pocket-ripping and bulky multi-tools! Portland, Oregon-based Leatherman Tools has…


It’s Magenta: Talkin’ Color with Santa Cruz Bicycles’ Design Manager Geoff Casey

1 week ago

“It’s not pink, it’s magenta” says Geoff Casey, Design Manager at Santa Cruz Bicycles. Santa Cruz Bicycles produces some of the best carbon fiber mountain bikes in the world. In…


What Is a Technology Designer and Are You One of Them?

3 weeks ago

“It’s Time For Industrial Design To Grow Up” is the clickbait title of a Fast Co. article trying to define what it is industrial designers are really doing in their jobs….


This Is Likely the Best Wooden Bicycle Design You’ve Seen Yet

4 weeks ago

Although we’ve been seeing an increase in wooden bicycle concepts over the past few years, few have ever made it outside of the concept stage – and for many bicycle…


The Flow Hive Just Completely Revolutionized Beekeeping

1 month ago

A bee hive design just raised $2.2 Million in 24 hours. With 40 days to go, there is likely a few million to be added. The list of reasons why…


the new cadjunkie: no membership required

1 month ago

Yes, we have a fancy new website and a kick-butt new end-to-end MODO modeling course with over seven hours of ooey-gooey hard-surface SubD goodness. But that’s not all folks, no…

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The Wire Collection: These ‘Invisible’ 3D Printed Wire Vases Cleverly Hold Water

1 month ago

Among other recent technological breakthroughs, it is now possible for dreams to be translated much more efficiently into physical 3D creations. Among others, ‘The Wire Collection’ of vases designed by…


Walk Don’t Ride: The Peculiar Evolution of the Unusual Treadmill Bicycle

1 month ago

Comedian Lewis Black once said that the problem with Treadmills was that ‘it seems to me when you’re running and you’re done, you should be somewhere else.’ Well now we…