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The Pencil+ Writing and Sketching Tool is the Best Thing to Happen to Pencils Since Paper

1 week ago

Although a well-designed and balanced pen can be a dream to write with, few writing instruments could ever replace the humble wood pencil. Now, artists, designers, engineers, woodworkers and anybody…


Lift is the Beautifully Minimal, Multi-use Bike Hook

2 weeks ago

Cycling. It’s the ragingly popular/eco-friendly/healthy/cheap way to get around town. I like to ride my bicycle – we all do. But it can be a pain deciding where to store…


This Toothed Briefcase is Machined from Aluminum and Wrapped in Leather

3 weeks ago

Brooklyn-based EXOvault are known for their unique phone cases and all-metal eyewear that is so removed from the norm they boarder on works of art. The idea behind their creations…


Indiegogo and Arrow Partner to Help Startups Access Product and Manufacturing

3 weeks ago

If you’re thinking of launching a startup (or are already amidst the craziness), Indiegogo and Arrow can help. The companies recently announced a partnership that will give entrepreneurs access to…


Seedles Plans to Grow One Billion Wildflowers, Save the Bees, Save the World

3 weeks ago

Bee pollination is tied to almost 33 percent of all American crops, but the bee population has drastically declined in recent years. According to the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC),…


A Look at the Unique Products (and Development) of Boeing’s Custom Hanger Project

4 weeks ago

Repurposing old or outdated tech has increased in popularity thanks to the Maker movement. Some of the more creative builds include turning an old Nintendo NES system into a functioning…


Adventure Toy Rendering Series – Part TWO: Photobashing and Line Work

4 weeks ago

In Part I, we kicked off this series discovering how to quickly create concepts of a sci-fi style vehicle through the use of Thumbnailing, Marker Rendering, and Underlay Construction. We’ll…


Artist Designs Unique Cabinet Inspired by Mountainside Rice Terrace

1 month ago

While some furniture comes mass produced and can be found in any dumpy chain store, others are absolute works of art ─ and Benjamin Nordsmark’s Contour Cabinet certainly falls into…


This Mobile Brick Oven Design Fits Your Standard Grill, Bakes Pizza

1 month ago

Move over hamburgers and hotdogs, pizza could be the new go-to favorite for tailgaters, campers and backyard barbeques everywhere. How does 1000% of your daily charbs sound? On the go?…