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Circa Cycles Wants to Revolutionize Bicycle Manufacturing With a Modular Frame Design

4 days ago

With low-volume manufacturing methods becoming cheaper and more readily available, the amount of designers cranking out bicycles and bicycle accessories to the tune of their own liking has increased exponentially…


Behind the Design: The Rogue C6 Intelligent Urban Bicycle

1 week ago

It’s no secret that the ‘urban bicycle’ is a hot topic in bicycle design circles. With the rising popularity of the recent Oregon Manifest–an annual nationwide competition that pairs design…


The ‘bottleLoft’ Hangs Bottles From Your Fridge Ceiling With Magnets. Here’s How.

1 week ago

Necessity is the mother of invention some might say and the need to make optimum utilization of the limited space available in the refrigerator has given birth to many a…


Drop-A-Brick Wants You To Drop a Brick in Your Toilet to Save Water

2 weeks ago

Toilet humor is considered rude and cheap, but this time around we have a very innovative contraption that fits the bill in a good way. It’s not new news that…


Behind the Design: Bronsen’s Geometric Animal Sculpts (You Need One of Each)

3 weeks ago

When your desktop, coffee table or countertop is covered in nothing but papers and pizza stains, there are two things you need–A low-maintenance, oxygen-producing plant and a ceramic animal sculpt….


The Avo Self-Cleaning Fish Tank: A Brief Look at Designing a Self-Contained Ecosystem

3 weeks ago

It’s easier said than done when it comes to taking care of pets. Right from the tiny fishes in a tank to the poop-master doggies with droopy eyes and fluffy…


Learn Why This Guy Printed 7 Stools in 7 Days

4 weeks ago

It is hard to disagree that when Swiss quality meets German precision, great things happen. Take the case when Thorsten Franck put the Delta Tower printer to good use in…


Boat Manufacturer Puts Polycarbonate to the Test With Transparent Sea Kayak Design

1 month ago

For decades, the ability to view sea life without a snorkel or expensive scuba gear has been limited to glass-bottom boat tours, aquariums and if you were lucky enough, a…


Where Science Meets Art: Inside Nike’s High-Tech Product Design Research Lab

2 months ago

Considered by many as being one of the most innovative companies, Nike doesn’t just earn that title by chance. Sure, Adidas and New Balance are innovative in their own ways…as…