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In the Age of the Smart Home, How Do You Create a Smart Alarm Clock? Meet ‘Sense’.

22 hours ago

Sleep. Some of us just can’t get enough of it and will spend plenty of money on products to make sure that when we get it in those seemingly small…


Knifing Around With Paul Arestan

7 days ago

The following video captures the passion of Paul Arestan – a knife maker – and how he has managed to turn his simple pastime into an evolved art. Going by…


The Nike Free Box: New Box Design Shaves 2/3 of Traditional Box Size…Thanks to a Flexible Shoe Design

1 week ago

While the argument over barefoot running is still up in the air, one thing is for certain: Nike’s marketing department has done a stellar job of marketing the ‘minimalist‘ running…


Pallet Hack – Your Personal Tramline Ride in Bratislava, Slovakia

2 weeks ago

Upcycling Pallets as functional furniture or hacking them, as firewood is an old tale. The new age demands something more dynamic and drastic, which is why we bless innovative souls…


Behind the Design: Nike’s ‘Zero Break-In’ Vapor 360 Baseball Glove

2 weeks ago

Touted as a ‘zero break-in’ glove, Nike is setting the bar high for themselves with a product that has a culture of ‘break-in enthusiasts’ known for hacking the break-in process…


Illustrated Time: Watches As Seen By Matt Johnston

2 weeks ago

Did you know that up until the early 20th century, it was mostly women who wore a wristwatch? The concept of wearing watches on the wrist dates back to the…


Instagram’s Alter Ego – 3D Printed Pinhole Camera for iPhone

2 weeks ago

We can almost hear the ‘whys’ coming our way, but if you look at it from the creator – Deena Khattab’s perspective – a 3D printed pinhole camera contraption for…


DIY Weekend Smack 03: Under Desk Tool Drawer

3 weeks ago

When you live in expensive cities like London, every inch in your apartment is like prime real estate space, teaching you the art of multi-purposing the interiors. DIY fan Jude…


Co-creating Fantastic Furniture With John Leenders

3 weeks ago

You may never find out the real reason why the chicken crossed the road, but after reading this article you will know the real reason why a chicken farmer did….