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One Beautiful Chair Made from One Massive 737 Engine Cowling

1 day ago

Ever dream of flying the high skies as a pilot? How about sitting on the edge of a massive jet engine intake? Well, if either has crossed your mind, there’s…


The Toyish Creative Platform Lets Kids Prototype and Build Their Own Toy Designs

4 days ago

As both a toy designer and educator in Brooklyn, Assaf Eshet has witnessed a unique perspective of how today’s kids are building their own toys and using modern tools to…


Why You Need to Be Prototyping More, Faster, Better, and Now | Part 1: Theory

5 days ago

Prototyping. An overused buzzword? A misunderstood concept? A noun, a verb, and an adjective? Prototyping is a philosophy. Actually, prototyping is the philosophy when it comes to making top notch…


Industrial Designer Joey Ruiter Reconstructs a 1980s Snowmobile as a Café Racer Motorcycle

6 days ago

Like others in the design profession, industrial designer Joey Ruiter approaches the design process as a path that leads him around the obvious to a place that reveals the unexpected….


This Squish!–able Water Bottle Comes with Flint and Paracord

1 week ago

Ask any avid hiker or outdoorsman and they will say, weight is an issue that can make or break you. Or, only take the gear you’re going to use, not…


These Stools Transform From 2D Wall Art Into 3D Furniture

1 week ago

As the internet and Photoshop has taught us, pictures aren’t always what they seem. Sometimes they’re manipulated to a point where it’s something completely different. Other times, they’re optical illusions…


How Some 3D Modeling Skills Made the Internet Believe This Was the New Nintendo Controller Design

2 weeks ago

It started as a prank that went viral and had some wondering if Nintendo lost their minds. The prank in question was centered on a supposedly ‘leaked’ image of a…


The 1975 NASA Graphics Standards Manual is Set to Begin Shipping on May 3rd

3 weeks ago

After raising nearly $1 million from their Kickstarter campaign last October, graphic designers Jesse Reed and Hamish Smyth successfully brought the original 1975 NASA Graphics Standards Manual to thousands of…


Nike HyperAdapt 1.0 Shoes Feature Mechanized, Auto-lacing Technology

3 weeks ago

Last year, Nike turned the Air MAG shoes, that Marty McFly sports in Back to the Future, into a reality. They were pricey, yes, but available in limited quantities and…