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Step-Pack Lamp Is a Simply Ingenious Flat-Pack Pendant Light Design

3 days ago

I love me a high-precision, interlocking aluminum light fixture. You would be hard pressed to fall out of a two-story window and land on a truck full of anything of…


Taking Productivity Outdoors With The Flexidesk

6 days ago

It would be a great trade-off to spend the day outdoors, working whilst sitting on a green patch, rather than stay confined behind the desk indoors. However our power-hungry gadgets…


Creating a New Ferrari: Chief of Design Flavio Manzoni on Designing the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

1 week ago

After earning a degree in architecture and specializing in industrial design, Ferrari’s Chief of Design Flavio Manzoni began his design career in 1993 working at FIAT’s Lancia Design Center. In…


The ‘Slash Lamp’ Encourages Design Customization Through Design Destruction

2 weeks ago

Save for a piñata, few objects encourage destruction as a part of the user experience—let alone objects that aren’t meant to be discarded after their use. While you won’t be…


Behind the Design: The iPad Case That Can Hang

2 weeks ago

If you’re like my grandma, you’ll pop a rum raisin in your mouth and say, “I’ve seen every iPad case, pack, flap and stand that’s been squeezed from a designer’s…


Behind the Design: The ‘Sense’ Sleep Tracker That Has Raised Over $2 Million on Kickstarter

2 weeks ago

Previously, SolidSmack reported on the Sense ‘Smart Sleeping System’ that launched on Kickstarter a few weeks ago. The well-priced $99 sleep management system aims to ‘combine the insight of your…


Beer 101 – Glasses That Make Oktoberfest More Festive

2 weeks ago

Drinking a chilled glass of beer is serious business; you can’t just pick up any glass and pour in some ale to enjoy it. Oh boy! Getting drunk is a…


A Brief Visual History of Video Game Controller Design

2 weeks ago

Over the past 30 years, the landscape of video controller design has been nearly just as colorful as the varieties of game options that they are controlling. When comparing the…


AMRC uses 3D printing to prototype new small-sized drone

3 weeks ago

Drones are quickly becoming commonplace and it’s not only military and law enforcement who have them. Even the kid a couple of houses over has a quadrocopter lit up with…