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Anchor Dock: A Fancy Clamp to Free Up That Desk Space

5 days ago

Desk space or even table space is often over-cluttered, leaving little of that valuable real estate left for anything besides a cup of Joe or some fatty snacks. To free…


Dying Art of Glasswork Kept Alive With These Beautiful Horse Sculptures

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You’re on vacation on the Northeast coast of Italy – Trieste to be exact. It embodies Venice’s romantic waterways, while flirting with the styles of neighboring Croatia and Slovenia. You…


Baron Fig Takes on Writing Instruments with the All-New Squire

1 week ago

When they first hit the scene with their Confidant sketchbook back in January of 2014, NYC-based Baron Fig became one of the few Kickstarter success stories that involved the creation…


The TUSK is an All-in-One Survival Knife for the 21st Century

1 week ago

Back in the 80’s, the survival knife scene was dominated by cheap foreign-made Rambo blades. You know, the ones with the hollow handle that was filled with everything from matches…


Behind the Design: How Vestige Launched a Successful T-shirt Brand

2 weeks ago

Today, we’re looking at something a little different. We don’t often cover topics outside industrial design and engineering, but we’re all about the process, the business of design, and particularly about…


Why the Coca-Cola Bottle Design Has Powered the Brand for Nearly 130 Years

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It’s almost impossible to think about soft drinks without thinking about Coca-Cola. The brand has managed to stay on top for nearly 130 years, and a lot of the success…


Behind the Design: The Astro Bluetooth ‘Pure Audio’ Speaker

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If you sit a computer all day, you likely have a speaker sitting there next to you, and if you like to take that speaker with you, it’s likely a…


These Robots Will Change and Rearrange Your Room in Minutes

2 weeks ago

Who doesn’t love a trip to Ikea? (10 hours and 5 plates of Swedish meatballs later… nobody.) Yes, while you’re browsing through the warehouse munching on those delicious café goods,…

Kansas City artist Asheer Akram (middle) rolled into the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in fine style Thursday evening. Akram, whose father was Pakistani, just completed his own Pakistani cargo truck with a Midwest twist. Akram, his crew, and several area artists collaborated to create the rolling work of art that will be part of the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art's Echoes: Islamic Art & Contemporary Artists exhibition which opens Saturday. The truck is actually a mobile studio and workshop to help raise cultural awareness. Shortly after arriving, he spoke to the crowd of about 500 people who turned out for the event, including Mayor Sly James (rear).

DigiFabRes | Kansas City Artist Asheer Akram Presents: Pakistani Cargo Truck

2 weeks ago

You know when you meet someone who has worked harder than most and exudes a tenacity that is inspiring? This past year we were quite lucky to meet someone who…