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This Is Likely the Best Wooden Bicycle Design You’ve Seen Yet

4 days ago

Although we’ve been seeing an increase in wooden bicycle concepts over the past few years, few have ever made it outside of the concept stage – and for many bicycle…


The Flow Hive Just Completely Revolutionized Beekeeping

1 week ago

A bee hive design just raised $2.2 Million in 24 hours. With 40 days to go, there is likely a few million to be added. The list of reasons why…


the new cadjunkie: no membership required

2 weeks ago

Yes, we have a fancy new website and a kick-butt new end-to-end MODO modeling course with over seven hours of ooey-gooey hard-surface SubD goodness. But that’s not all folks, no…

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The Wire Collection: These ‘Invisible’ 3D Printed Wire Vases Cleverly Hold Water

2 weeks ago

Among other recent technological breakthroughs, it is now possible for dreams to be translated much more efficiently into physical 3D creations. Among others, ‘The Wire Collection’ of vases designed by…


Walk Don’t Ride: The Peculiar Evolution of the Unusual Treadmill Bicycle

2 weeks ago

Comedian Lewis Black once said that the problem with Treadmills was that ‘it seems to me when you’re running and you’re done, you should be somewhere else.’ Well now we…


This 3D Printed Shoe Uses Sensors to Constantly Change Shape around Your Foot

2 weeks ago

Enabled by new developments in 3D Printing and Computer Vision, footwear design company SOLS has been trying to tackle the area of orthopedics to make it easier for everyone to…


A Valentine’s Day Gift to Express your Love of Good Design

4 weeks ago

Nendo, one of the best Japanese design studios of late, have taken to chocolate¬†yet again and created a few¬†bonbons that truly go outside the norm. After having their way with…


The Father/Son Team Who Will Completely Redefine Cycling

1 month ago

If you know a cyclist, you’ve likely heard complaints about that persnickety front bicycle derailleur. Well, to take those derailleur woes away, a father and his three sons have come…


KeyMouse – A Sight for Sore Hands (Final 24 hours on Kickstarter)

1 month ago

If you thought combining Keyboards and guitars was a neat way to spend your Saturdays, then you best prepare yourself. The KeyMouse is the brainchild of two brothers from Utah…