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‘Automobile Design Graphics’ Dives Into the Incredible History of Automobile Brochures

4 hours ago

In the history of industrial design and engineering, perhaps no other industry is as storied and colorful as the automobile. While we may be on the cusp of a future…


Gaze Standing Smart Desk Design Takes the Thinking Out of Sitting and Standing

5 days ago

You could do worse than designing a new standing desk. And there seem to be enough new ways to approach standing to keep the options coming out. Gaze Lab thinks…


ELWN Fit is Exactly How Wireless Earbuds Should Be Designed

6 days ago

Music. Just what you need to get you through a tough task. It’s why we bring you SolidSmack Radio each week. What’s keeping you from enjoying that? The right pair…


A Timely Update to the Mine Kafon Could Clear All Unmarked Land Mines in Less Than a Decade

1 week ago

With over 70 people killed or injured by anti-personnel (land) mines each day, unmarked minefields not only destroy communities with death and injury but also through the loss of usable…


Golf Caddy Design 2.0: Ditch the Human, Use the GolfBoard

2 weeks ago

You can get a pretty good workout walking 18-holes and whacking balls all day, but grab a cart and you can forget about that 10,000 step goal on your Fitbit….


Coffee Goes IoT With This High-End, Portable Grinder

2 weeks ago

Ahhh, coffee. That rich, aromatic mixture of art and science. Stray a little on bean roast or brew temp and you’re in the repugnant realm of sippin’ a day-old cup…


Designer Paul Foeckler Turns to Firewood to Create His Latest Lighting Collection

2 weeks ago

While most people might approach freshly cut firewood as a way of fueling their bonfires or keeping their house warm on cold nights, designer Paul Foeckler has a different idea…


Tentsile Hammock Tents – Make a Treetop Adventure or Outdoor Oasis

3 weeks ago

Looks like someone went down to the Hammock store on Hammock Street, over in the Hammock district with this one. The ultimate dream when you were a kid was having…


BMW Group Sues Turbosquid for Selling 3D Models of Their Car Designs

3 weeks ago

If you’ve ever stood in the shower wondering if you could be sued because you made a certain 3D model of a certain brand of car, wonder no more. Precedent…