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This Insane Bent Plywood Chair is Inspired by Modern Bicycle Design

22 hours ago

There’s more than a handful of reasons why the humble bicycle is an object of obsession for many an industrial designer or engineer. Aside from the zillions of proportion variations,…


Triangle Speaker Design Makes You Want to Shove Sound in Every Corner

1 day ago

When it comes to quality Hi-Fi speakers the phrase “shove it in the corner” doesn’t necessarily come to mind, but that’s exactly what Montreal-based Nepsu wants you to do with…


This New Scissor Design Makes Regular Scissors Look Totally Lame

3 days ago

We’re on a cutting kick, with the Ergo Kiwi knife and now a new take on the good ol’ pair o’ shears. Every home has at least one pair of…


Hej Stylus! Turns Your Cursor Into a Incredibly Smooth Brush Tool

4 days ago

Last September, we shared German illustrator Eilert Janssen’s new Real Markers, a Photoshop brush set with over 120 tools that emulate the look of real alcohol-based and permanent markers. Hej…


This Portable Wood Burning BBQ Lets You Grill Amazing Food Anywhere

1 week ago

While many homeowners are able to conveniently throw a slab of ribs or a freshly-caught trout onto a grill in their backyard or patio, the struggle is very very real…


These Handmade Cruiser Skateboards Look So Good You’ll Be Afraid to Ride Them

1 week ago

While the electronic Boosted Board skateboards may be taking over today’s streets, nothing beats the simplicity of an original cruiser board when it comes to getting from A to B….


How to Make a Cosplay Helmet from Mat Foam in 5 Simple Steps

2 weeks ago

Yeah, you know any old helmet won’t do. And you definitely know that Lannister guard helmet you fashioned from a paper bag, gorilla glue and wood chips is looking pretty…


Love Hultén’s One-of-a-Kind Echo Observatory is a Love Letter to Fractals

2 weeks ago

The last time we checked in with Swedish designer, craftsman, and innovator Love Hultén, he was blending mid-century style and American walnut to create a series of drool-worthy retro gaming…


KOSKI is a Building Block Game That Combines Augmented Reality with Wooden Blocks

2 weeks ago

Depending on your stance (and age) towards technology (and whether you have kids or not), Pokémon GO is either a welcome new fixture in your home life or you’re doing…