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Jacob O’Neal’s Animagraffs Beautifully Explain Engineering Principles

23 hours ago

Before the ‘How it Works’ Discovery Channel and YouTube explosion, Neil Ardley and David Macaulay’s The Way Things Work book was oftentimes the go-to source for satisfying the natural itch…


#ConfessionThursday: Dassault Mainly Sells To Ewoks

2 days ago

On a Thursday in December, the truth finally comes out and we learn more about the the target demographic and messaging for large, 3D software development companies. According to Aurèlien…


10 Last-Minute Gifts for Product Designers and Engineers

2 days ago

Unless you have your holiday shopping down to a ‘T’, chances are there are still some purchases needing your attention as we head into Christmas next week. Thankfully, Amazon has…


Lederhosen-Clad Dudes Play Metal Toolboxes as Musical Instruments

2 days ago

When it comes to the hundreds of possible uses for a toolbox, playing one as an instrument doesn’t necessarily rank very high on the list…unless the sound of a hammer…


Industrial Designers Society of America Launches Site Redesign

3 days ago

Leading up to their 50th anniversary year in 2015, the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) has been busy revamping their organization to make it more useful for its community…


How to Design a Logo in 15 Minutes with Aaron Draplin

5 days ago

Of all of the great skills that product designers and engineers are blessed with, graphic design isn’t necessarily known for being high up on that list. While talent and skill…


Razor Unleashes a Limited Edition Crazy Cart For Adults Just in Time for the Holidays

2 weeks ago

When we were kids, go-carts ranked right up there with game consoles and pizza as popular things we wanted to get our hands on. As adults, we like to think…


Incredible Images Highlight the Unbelievable Interiors of Mechanical Calculators

4 weeks ago

It’s no secret that as we move deeper into digital experiences with our phones, tablets, watches and the like, the human need to connect with more mechanical and manual activities…


Designing for Space: A Brief Look at NASA’s Habitability Design Center

1 month ago

Known as the Habitability Design Center, NASA’s “conceptual, human-centered design studio” is nothing short of a playground for playing with some of humanity’s most futuristic design concepts. While it might…