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Sculptify To Kickstart ‘David’ With Pellets

13 hours ago

The good folks at Sculptify are gearing up for an August-based Kickstarter Campaign to help fund the production of ‘David’ 3D Printer. The reason why you should keep an eye…


Toymaker Hasbro Teams Up With Shapeways to Offer Licensed 3D Printed Toy Designs

4 days ago

Perhaps inspired by MakerBot’s recent addition of Sesame Street-branded content into their Thingiverse 3D model-sharing platform, Shapeways and Hasbro have teamed up to offer branded My Little Pony content to…


IDSA Releases IDEA 2014 Award Winners and Finalists…All 176 of ‘Em

3 weeks ago

With a jury of twenty-four established designers who have ‘been there and done that’, taking home one of the 176 trophies in the annual IDSA IDEA Awards is certainly no…


How To Ditch Barbie Dolls For Codes – Make Bracelets And Other Stuff

4 weeks ago

Shapeways and Google’s new Made with Code initiative thinks that the best way to make young girls ditch girlie stuff for learning codes is by inspiring them to create 3D…


DIY Weekend Smack 01: The Home Depot Bucket Concrete Stool

4 weeks ago

Here on SolidSmack we’re always on the lookout for cool projects. Sure, our readers love to take a juicy sketch and model it up in CAD for a slick 3D…


On Location: iMakr 3D Printing Store NYC Grand Opening

1 month ago

Aiming to be the ‘One-Stop Shop’ for all your 3D printing needs, iMakr has been met with an enthusiastic response since opening their first store in London in 2013. Since…


MakerBot Disregards Open Source Community (Other Silly Moves and Your Options)

2 months ago

I swore I would never buy a Replicator 2 — I don’t trust companies led with charisma. Then the sleepless nights began. I couldn’t get the beautiful black metal chassis…


Precious Plastic: An Open Source Plastic Microfactory

2 months ago

With both an impressive knowledge base of how industrial plastic manufacturing machines work as well as his desire to repurpose plastic waste, Dutch designer Dave Hakkens has created an open…


Kickstarter Opens Floodgate, Introduces ‘Launch Now’ Feature

2 months ago

Already the king of crowdfunding, Kickstarter has announced today that they will speed up the approval process in an effort to make it easier for people to get their campaigns…