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MakerBot to Halt In-House 3D Printer Production and Close Brooklyn Factory

1 week ago

The consumer 3D printing landscape has changed dramatically since MakerBot Industries stormed onto the scene in January of 2009. While any new company can expect its fair share of ups…


The Lagoon Table Brings A Seascape of Marble and Resin Into Your Home

3 weeks ago

Imagine if you could own a piece of furniture many would consider a piece of art? That’s how you would describe the Lagoon table by LA Table, a design company…


World’s First 3D Printed Training Shoe Is Coming From Under Armour

4 weeks ago

We’ve seen 3D printed shoes as far back as 2012. Adidas has innovated with ocean waste, and some even adapt to your foot. Now, Under Armour has created the world’s…


Carbon Introduces the M1 3D Printer Featuring Revolutionary CLIP Technology

4 weeks ago

Since storming onto the 3D printing scene with a jaw-dropping TED presentation in March of 2015, Dr. Joseph DeSimone – CEO and Co-Founder of Carbon (formerly Carbon3D) – has fought…


Hardware Tinkering Goes Mainstream: America’s Greatest Makers TV Show Premieres on Tuesday

1 month ago

Since announcing their TV show “America’s Greatest Makers” at the Intel Developers Forum last Summer, the chipmaker has had high hopes that the armchair inventor-based show would build off of…


What’s Next for the HoloLens? Here’s How to Livestream Today’s Microsoft Build 2016 Conference

1 month ago

It’s hard to believe that a year has already passed since Microsoft’s last Build conference in San Francisco; the event that revealed the first in-depth look at the company’s HoloLens….


How to Cast A Silicone Gasket in a 3D Printed Mold Like a Boss

2 months ago

I build a lot of mock-ups and prototypes of various consumer products that I design for my clients. I cast a lot of parts in silicone molds, but I don’t cast…


The All-New $35 Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Launches Today with On-Board WiFi and Bluetooth

2 months ago

With over eight million Raspberry Pi units (and rapidly counting) floating around in garages, classrooms and pockets around the world, the $35 System on a Chip continues to be one…


Local Motors Lands ‘Significant Funding’ from Aerospace Venture Firm

3 months ago

They’ve built desert racers, motorcycles, drift trikes, cruisers and the world’s first 3D printed car, but one thing on their collaborative, open-source product development list of vehicle innovation isn’t a…