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Getting just the right detailed drawing view of a model can take immense amounts of time. More than they really should for products designed in 3D. When you open a drawing and nothing is there but the dimensions, that can really make you throw blunt objects.

So, you stare real close at the computer screen. It doesn’t show up. You hit rebuild, nothing. Forced rebuild (Ctrl-Q), nothin’. Pushing on the screen, making loud grunting noise… Your hand slowly reaches for the stapler….

Wait, there’s one very simple trick you can use to get a vacant drawing view to return to your brilliant masterpiece of drafting delight.

How easy is it?
You don’t have to recreate your drawing view, change drawing templates or slap your friends. It’s actually very simple and hardly worth all the fluffy and entertaining words I’m putting around it. Nonetheless, it gets the point across, that this is very frustrating, the best way I know how.

Does your view look like this? __________ when it should look like this?

Not cool. Here’s what to do:

  1. Delete the View
  2. Hit Undo (Ctrl-Z)

The drawing view with all the lines should appear. I’ve always had this work. It saves you from reopening the drawing or recreating the view. I’ve seen it mostly happen on Large Assemblies in SolidWorks 2006 and 2007. Have you tried this same approach?

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  • Jon

    I’ve tried everything on this forum from deleting to shading but after a few seconds of appearing, it always seems to disappear again. I’ve run Solidworks Rx diagnostics and it all seems to be fine. I’m running SolidWorks Premium 2010 if that helps at all…

  • Josh M

    hmm, now that sounds almost like a graphics card issue. does the drawing view highlight when you mouse over it? Try opening the part/assembly and then deleting and undoing. you may have to rebuild the configs as well.

  • Paulo Lange

    That helps a lot.
    Thanks man, now i don’t need to redo all that weird details…

  • ev ge

    Thank you!!!

  • Alison

    thank you so much!!!!! almost had a huge freak-out.

  • Cody Hildebrand

    Sometimes rotating the drawing view by using the “3D Drawing View” button works, but this cannot be done on detail, crop or broken out section views. Sometimes SolidWorks is just a bugger.

  • Ebanks

    Tried ctrl+Q and ctrl+B, deleting view and ctrl+Z; just won’t show up! unfortunately it is a section view, and three of my views are based off of it 🙁

  • Josh M

    Ooo yeah, that’s a different monster. For any views based off a section or cutaway, try editing the sketch that is creating the section/cutaway and updating it. If that doesn’t work, try moving the sketch or recreating it. You’ll likely loose the link between some dims and notes but you can easily reattach them.

  • iawia

    Hi all, none of the solutions here worked for me. However, I did manage to figure out the problem. I recently changed the part file name to something more recognizable, which threw soldworks for a loop. Change back the name and it reappeared!

  • Spzoom

    did not work with me. I used to change the component line display and then go back and it worked, but this time neither ways it works.

  • anon

    worked ty

  • yxst

    None of the other suggestions worked for me and, although nothing was wrong with it, a ctrl+Q in the model is what fixed it for me.

  • Mischo

    Just hit “Ctrl+Q”

  • SRK


  • Alfonso

    I have this same problem but that did not work any other ideas?

  • Clementine Rockwell

    Thank you!! This worked for me! This makes no sense to me why that was happening though.

  • Jon

    I was having an issue with a section view (to scale) outline appearing over my detail views. Reopening the document would not solve the issue, but this one happened to work perfectly!