Have you ever modeled an aircraft? How about an F-16? Besides being able to suck all manner of things through its massive intake, it’s one of the coolest looking Jet fighters ever designed. Myself? I’ve not modeled one, but have imagined being able to absorb them into my body, whereby using them to fend off anything that would threaten my existence. Until that time, I may just take on the challenge of modeling one up with this new SolidWorks F-16 Tutorial from Dan Lavoie.

F-16 SolidWorks Surfacing Tutorial

If you recall, Daniel also created a Audi R8 tutorial and a Lamborghini Gallardo tutorial. This F-16 Tutorial is the third video tutorial from Mr. Lavoie, cracking the cusp of 21 step-by-step hours on modeling everything from cockpit to landing gear.

He ran a contest last week for the launch and will be making the tutorial available to everyone this week. (Details below.) You can get in on the F-16 modeling action right here. In the meantime, here are some fancy images of the detail you’ll receive in the tutorial.

Launch date: October 18th – October 25th
Launch Discount: 50% OFF
The Goods: Customers will get a DVD (the one shown on the image page) + access to it via download (quite handy for Europeans, etc)
The Afterburner: After Oct. 25th, no more DVDs sold and I switch to download only so the only chance to get the DVD is on launch week.

Disclosure: All of those fine links to Daniel’s tutorial are affiliate links. SolidSmack will make a small percentage off of each sale of the tutorial. If you’re interested in just buying the tutorial without doing that, you can go directly to the site here: http://www.solidworksf16.com.


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