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If you guessed it was coming, you were right. GrabCAD has launched a new iPad app that puts the glory of GrabCAD right on your lap. Now, tearing yourself away from that 3D model addiction, stopping excessive model downloading and creating temporary tattoos of your favorite CAD model images is even more difficult than ever.

GrabCAD iPad App

GrabCAD is just about to break 200,000 members and 35,000 models. That’s a lot of people creating, discussing and consuming anything and everything about 3D models. What better way to take part in the action while your out and about (read: sitting on the toilet) than on your iPad.

The GrabCAD iPad app can be downloaded immediately. In the version 1.0 release, the app allows you to view the first 10 pages of the most recently uploaded models. You can flip through the pages, open the model’s profile page and view the images and comments. There’s no direct interaction with the model except a button that allows you to share it via Facebook, Twitter, Email or open the full profile page in Safari.

What it needs
It’s certainly a version 1.0 app and feedback is encouraged. Two things I would liked to have seen with this release are:

  • search
  • commenting

Since the app is focused around sharing, being able to search for a model that you want to send to yourself or someone else is definitely needed. Commenting, just adds that extra interaction needed in a bustling community. The GrabCAD crew is a savvy bunch and no doubt they have this and a lot more planned for the app, not to mention other surprises that may pop-up on the web sooner or later. Try the GrabCAD iPad app here.

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  • Dan

    Why can’t anyone make apps for android?!?

  • Josh M

    yes, Android is always left out. After the news about the iTunes generating 2B in a single quarter it’s not surprising though.