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What if I told you that you could stop sending models off to the simulation goon you have locked away in the basement server room. What if you are the simulation goon and would rather be cooking lentils while running a simulation instead of cooking your motherboard? Well, the time has come where you can release your mesh from the bondage of itty-bitty-gigabitties of processing power and ship it off to the cloud FOR UNLIMITED MESH MASHING. Autodesk announced the availability of Autodesk Simulation 360 and after asking for more details, we received pricing for the new cloud service.

Simulation 360 Pricing

Autodesk is aiming Simulation 360 at everyone (not just the analysts)–Designers, Engineers and manufacturers–anyone who want to offload analysis tasks. The process runs through a thin client software installation on your desktop that allows you to import/create geometry, define material properties, apply loads and boundary conditions, and query or view results. All the meshing and solving is done in the cloud. It’s available as a standalone offering which, looky here, means you do not need to be on Autodesk subscription to get access to it. Here’s a breakdown on the pricing:

  • Autodesk Simulation 360: includes Mechanical and CFD capabilities, 120 jobs for $3,600/12 months.
  • Autodesk Simulation 360 Unlimited: includes Mechanical and CFD capabilities, for unlimited jobs for $7,200/12 months.
  • Autodesk Simulation 360 Ultimate: includes Mechanical, CFDD, and Moldflow capabilities, 120 jobs for $10,000/12 months.
  • Cloud Capacity Pack: 10 jobs (approximately 1 month of usage for $100).

I’m excited to see this and how it pushes other apps (and software companies) to the cloud. Based on the amount of render jobs for the price, the cost is reasonable as well. However, this is for one piece of software. While the attraction is offloading processes, I’d like to see the entire Autodesk suite available via the cloud. If what Adobe with their ‘Creative Cloud’ is any indication of where software delivery is headed, it shouldn’t be too far off. Adobe’s Creative Cloud is the first experience I’ve had with cloud apps. At $29.99/month for CS customers (regularly $49.95/month) you get access to ALL of the Adobe Master Collection, 20GB of storage and more. Imagine that for ALL of the Autodesk products. Yeah. What is your experience with using cloud services? Is Autodesk Simulation 360 an attractive product to offload your simulation? or do they need to add more?

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  • It very much depends on what is defined as a job. At the basic level 120 jobs at $3600 is $30 a job. If a job is defined as a FEA study on a single assembly (and includes iterative design changes to optimise the form) then it is a bargain. If it means a job = each time you hit the Solve button it is not that great.

    I’m also a bit confused how the “cloud capacity pack” applies? 10 jobs for $10? So why would you go for the more expensive options?

    With regards to the software on the cloud if Autodesk offered their entire range (like Adobe) for $50 a month I’d sign up tomorrow….somehow I can’t see that happening though.

  • John Evans

    I think id will definitely bring the technology down to more people both in terms of hardware and price.

  • Josh M

    I’m with ya Kevin. All Autodesk products for one monthly price, sign me up.

    Typo in the info received. It’s 10 jobs for $100… makes more sense now 🙂

    This is how Adobe presents their creative cloud. Nice.

  • ion

    with autodesk acquiring naiad from exoticmatter and locking it in a cloud they keep taking the tools from the users and editing the the output with terms of service.
    i say no thanks, my 2nd amendment rights allows me to bear arms, i prefer to have my own hardware and software close at hand just in case everything goes to the zombies and i need to develop a solution while on the move.
    dire, hexdam, vexdam from breeze and products from ansys all good software in case of zombies, also crowd modelling because you may need to get as many zombies as possible in one location for mass containment and elimination.
    i don’t want to have to wait for the cloud to reboot and hope it stays online when i really need it, its not a matter of if, its a matter of when.

  • I can guarantee your PC is much more susceptible to zombie attack than the servers at Autodesk.

  • Josh.. As you can imagine. We are excited to hear people’s feedback. We thought long and hard about hte pricing. We received feedback from various sources. I can see how folks can view the print as $30/job. I guess I see it differently. The cloud brings a different dynamic to how we price software. It includes subscription to the service (software, support etc) as well as the computational resources. So the fee actually includes the whole thing. This 120 jobs offering was intended for those that had a quick project or wanted to include simulation without the high cost of traditional desktop software. For those serious about simulation, the unlimited version is really attractive.

    Unlimited Mechanical Stress AND CFD, high end elastic cloud infrastructure to do deign exploration. Elastic is the key word here. Unlimited licensing, unlimited imputation, on demand. Allows you to use what you need..

    In full disclosure, I’m part of the Simulation product team at Autodesk, so I may be a bit biased. Kidding aside, I’m very open to hear what people think. I believe we re on the verge of a massive change in the way we design and engineer our products. SIM360 is just the beginning.

  • LaszloZoltan

    yeah, I d love to send my idea off to the cloud and see it get patented by someone else

  • Josh M

    Thanks Derrek. I’m anxious to see how cad/cam software spreads to the cloud. I think this is a great first example of what the service side looks like.

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  • Rob C

    Is the “cloud capacity pack” a “boster pack” for one of the plans with an annual limit on the number of jobs? It would seem too good to be true as a standalone option.

    I’d like to see a month-to-month option for $360 or even $500, without the annual commitment.

  • Josh M

    Hey Rob, I think they’re going to be redoing the pricing on this, or have done it. Word is they’ve switched to credits–one credit gets you so much time. I’ve requested info but haven’t had a response yet.

  • Scuzz

    Autodesk’s ‘Unlimited’ offering was very short lived – it’s now a flat $15 per sim for Fluids / Mech 360 once you burn through your initial allocation.