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And now for your daily feel-good story. Colin Macduff, a Washington State Navy veteran who did two tours in Operation Desert Shield accidentally blew off his finger in a shotgun accident in 2010. At the time, Macduff was unemployed and according to his doctor, would be unable to receive a prosthetic. What resulted belongs in the league of champions….Macduff woke up in the middle of the night, turned over to his wife and said “I’m going to make my own prosthetic out of bike parts”.

From Unemployed to Business Owner

“Barn’s burnt down… now I can see the moon.”
-Masahide, Japanese poet

Macduff’s ‘making the most of a bad situation’-story carries a lesson we can all learn from: There is always an opportunity to do something great and ride it all the way…no matter where you find yourself in life. Today, Macduff has his own business RCM Enterprise creating custom fully articulating bio-mechanical prosthetic fingers:

“It [is] very therapeutic for me…Each finger is customized to each amputation…Even if they don’t have insurance, we’ll work with them and set up a payment plan.”
-Colin Macduff, founder of RCM Enterprise

From the RCM Enterprise website:

I was an architectural drafter and designer with eight years experience, a welder/fabricator with 15 years, and a disabled military veteran. I sustained an injury that resulted in the partial amputation of my right middle finger.

From my unique combination of education, experience, skill, ability to think outside of mainstream ideas, and my finger injury sparked my greatest idea. As my idea was beginning to become a reality, my wife Becky and I started “RCM Enterprise, LLC.” My idea transitioned into a design and shortly after I had an actual working model. RCM Enterprise, LLC is honored to offer The Bio-Mechanical Prosthetic Finger (BFP); the world’s first finger prosthesis which I have designed, created and patented to enable us amputees to live an active lifestyle!

At RCM Enterprise, LLC, our goal is to return maximum mobility to patients with finger/digit amputations. The BFP is an extremely durable, reliable, low-profile finger prosthesis that is affordable. We look forward to giving you the finger!

If you ever need a prosthetic finger….be sure to give Colin a ring.

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  • ion

    Self Care is Health Care!
    You can suffer the pain of discipline or suffer the pain of regret so don’t be upset by the results you didn’t get from the work you didn’t do, i didn’t say it would be easy, i said it would be worth it, this is your world shape it or someone else will.

  • I knew this guy in high school. Great musician and character even then. I’m inspired by his story. His story is one that needs to be highlighted in America. Perhaps it may inspire other entreprunuers.

  • Yuriko

    i am a 20 year old female and I lost parts of my right index and middle finger. From the videos I see that they are mostly men and my doctor said that it adds 8mm around the finger. I was curious if a female has been able to purchase and use this and able to give a review.

  • Josh M

    Hi Yuriko, you may want to contact him directly via his website to find out. Have you considered a 3d printed prosthesis? It may be an option for a more less bulky fit.

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