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Well, this is what we’ve been waiting to see. A SolidWorks iPad app? Puh-leeease… no longer needed. This is the full version of SolidWorks 2013 on a Fujitsu tablet sporting an AMD Z-60 APU Processor (with Radeon HD Graphics @1.00Ghz) running Windows 8 Pro. We knew we would start seeing this when chip makers started talking about their tablet processors and Microsoft released the Surface Pro. As demonstrated by AMD’s Workstation ISV Engineer, Olivier Zegdoun, you get all the pinching and panning your fingers can muster.

SolidWorks on a tablet

SolidWorks is certainly able to run on tablet-like devices and smaller laptops, but this is the first we’ve seen it on a touchscreen tablet that has been dedicated to running Android. This tablet is a Fujitsu STYLISTIC┬« Q572 Tablet PC that comes with 4GB of RAM, a 64 GB Hard drive, front and back cameras, one HDMI port, two USB 2.0 ports and Wi-Fi (of course) with up to 5 hours battery life. It starts at US $879.00.

Shopping around for a tablet to run SolidWorks? What have you found?






Via FireUser.com – Thanks Tony!

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  • tommy mulr

    Finally! Been waiting for this for a long time! :D. Goodbye carpal tunnel

  • Michael Lord

    Not quite the same but! This is us very basic modelling in SolidWorks using the touch screen on Dell XPS 12 Convertible https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kehrXbAJrSk

  • Josh M

    Thanks for sharing Michael. Do you use the touchscreen much?

  • jordan

    I am using Solidworks on my Surface Pro and it works great, its super fast. The touchscreen is nice for rotating the part, but you need a mouse for placing start and end points, the pen is too jittery after too much coffee, and fingers are too big.

  • Josh M

    Thanks for the report Jordan!

  • Now solidworks can sell us more seats : … really though, if you have some way to “swipe” the model from your main workstation to the tablet.. for example if you need to go talk to marketing or the bosses, it would be nice for that. for full blown modeling and rendering though.. im not sure Id even try.

  • Student

    Do you get real view on the xps 12 system, with the intell HD 4000 GPU ?

  • Daniel Jones

    Looks slow to respond…is that because of the GPU?

  • Josh M

    Likely. It’s an APU with both CPU and GPU.

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  • Diljeet Singh

    Can I really design models on this tablet

  • Josh M

    Well, at this point I know quite a few people using tablets with SolidWorks and other CAD software.

  • vinamoreman

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