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When you saw it moved from the main Google toolbar, you knew it was inevitable. Google has announced that it is officially powering down Google Reader. But don’t worry, if you’re not aware of them already, you have options, options that actually make the feed consuming/organizing experience much better than Google Reader.


Is RSS Dead? Note Quite

Over the past 24 hours you may have been reading about the demise of Google Reader on Google Reader, so what do you do now? Where do ‘save’ the thousands of websites you’ve tediously organized into convenient pockets of content? What about the RSS trends you were so proud of?

Fortunately, Google Reader isn’t the only way to access the streams of content from your favorite sites. While many are using platforms like Twitter’s Tweetdeck, Hootsuite or even Facebook to organize and digest content, others subscribe via email (psst! get SolidSmack via email here) and still others simply use another feed reader. Some feed readers are even linked with Google Reader. The two below are two that link with Google Reader. They’re also two I use and two that promise a seamless transition when Google Reader is put to rest.


Feedly.com is possibly the best RSS reader experience imaginable. After Google announced the demise of Reader, feedly announced the ability to transition from Reader. As you can tell, they’ve been preparing. I’ve been using feedly as my main RSS reader for years and am absolutely impressed with the development and the experience.



Reeder is the other clear option. Although you’re limited to iPhone, iPad and Mac, you have an app with a lot of development behind it and a lot of share options. This is simply a beautiful app to use on the iPhone and iPad. They’ve also stated via their Twitter feed that “Reeder won’t die with Google Reader.”


So, not to fret. You have options. There are others out there as well, I’m sure. What are you using to move your feeds to?

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  • Thanks. Heart sank a little when I saw this.

    Switched to Feedly and like it so far.

    What are the “featured” articles and how can I turn them off? I just want a blank screen unless I have new stuff to read.

  • I switched to over to Feedly last night after seeing the horrific message pop up on my screen. Sad to see Google Reader die.

  • Live Bookmarks is the one reason I haven’t fully switched from Firefox to Chrome, but Firefox doesn’t make it easy to “bookmark” RSS feeds.

  • gooder

    Switched to Netvibes, but i hate Dassault systems.

  • Josh – Thanks for the Feedly tip! It’s great and very similar to GR. Shotcut keys and the mobile app works well. I think I’ve figured out my my workflows so I can read my articles just as fast. That makes me happy 🙂

    Like Jeff / Rod. I was heart broken 🙁

  • Jeff – Try going into preferences and setting your default page to “All” – this seems to be a similar experience to just seeing your stuff…. (my impression so far)

  • Thanks Brian. Can’t seem to make the “reads” persistently disappear in All. Can in Today. Will experiment more.

  • Daniel Ng

    Good stuff. Thanks! Feedly looks excellent.

  • I think I have figured out what they do – if you have anything in your queue – the read articles will not show. However when you get to the end of your feed they show “old” stuff. Not sure if this is the actual behavior or not – but my impression 🙂

  • Thanks Brian. Yeah, it’s working much better for me now. I notice you may need to use different start pages on the web vs android app to get your preferred behavior. But, all in all, liking it.

  • Josh M

    A little Google reader treatment for feedly, came across this userscript today to make feedly look like Google Reader