3D Printing, China and Jobs – It’s Not What It Seems

2 years ago

3D Printing has been lauded as the next way to bring jobs back to America and the rest of the West by the Economist and other intellectual luminaries like Glenn…


China prints a 3-meter Wingspar in Titanium

2 years ago

Researchers at the State Key Laboratory of Solidification Processing, Northwestern Polytechnical University have been experimenting with 3D printing since 1995. And just recently they announced that they had printed a huge…

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3Dify your Facebook Profile

2 years ago

What if you could feel your profile. Like, touch that data, man! Well, yes you can. The Creator’s Project (a partnership betweeen Intel and Vice Magazine) have been working with Shapeways to offer you…

cubify-capture-3 copy

Your Face from Your Phone – 3D Systems Announces Cubify Capture Beta (and it doesn’t really work)

2 years ago

At CES 2013, 3D Systems announced the release of Cubify Capture, which allows users to take a video or photo and turn it into an actual 3D-printable model. Over the…

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Makerbot Replicator 2X Experimental 3D Printer Released

2 years ago

Makerbot announced today at CES 2013 the release of their Replicator 2x Experimental 3D Printer, an upgraded version of their successful line of Replicator 2. I’m reading the feeds as…

Microsoft Word - CubeX Press Kit_Final.docx

3D Systems Releases CubeX – Bigger, Crisper, Cube-ier

2 years ago

3D Systems is a positive potent powerplant of press releases. Coming off their acquisition of Geomagic, 3D Systems decided to unleash upon the unsuspecting world their second-generation line-up of Consumer…

CrayonCreatures-3d-printed-children-drawing-3 copy

Kids 3D-Print the Darndest Things

2 years ago

Filed under awwww, Crayon Creatures mixes Elmer-glued 3D Printing and the drawings of your young ones, allowing you to figure their scribbles out and genuinly exclaim, “OHHH, it is a Giraffe!”…


Flex-it! Nylon 3D Printing is Here (Pre-Order that is)

2 years ago

Nylon, it’s wonderful stuff. A silky fabric when weaved or a flexible polymer when moulded. Reach out with your hands and chances are you will touch something Nylon (Warning: Solidsmack…


Giving Ducklips an Extra Dimension, You May 3D (Surface) Scan with Your iPhone

2 years ago

Amazing new campaign out on Kickstarter – a lens attachment to give you, the iPhone user, the ability to scan an object and turn it into an OBJ, DXF or…