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Sharing is Caring: How Real CAD Users Share Data

4 months ago

If data portability is so annoying, what format(s) are we talking about here? We asked what formats people use when sharing data with 1) collaborators, 2) clients, and 3) fabrication shops. The results were generally unsurprising, but lead to some interesting conclusions.


The Most Annoying Thing in CAD: Survey Says…

5 months ago

Are 3D CAD companies adding the features that users really want? We asked you, SolidSmackers, to tell us what you find most face-bashingly frustrating about 3D CAD tools today, boy, did you deliver. As it turns out…

Don’t Be Stupid (a SolidWorks bracelet)

6 months ago

As the sweat beads drip across my sun-scorched face, my mouse hand quivers and cracks in the cruel dry heat. “This was a bad plan.” I think to myself. “Setting up an outdoor office in the middle of the Mojave looked good on paper, but the reality is rather different.” If only I’d been wearing my bracelet, this never would have happened.

MCAD Forums: Surface a Skateboard Deck in SolidWorks

7 months ago

We’re workin’ on something pretty smokin’ for The Smack this week, and in the process we put together a quick tutorial. Check it out on MCADForums. While you’re there, consider posting a question or something so we can make fun of it help out. Have fun kids.


Tuesday Ramblings

7 months ago

It’s been a busy week. Despite all appearances, Josh and I have not (yet) stepped into an alternate dimension (only to be abducted by Jamie Farr space aliens…). Yes, we…


Nomad CNC Is The Bomb Diggity, And We Don’t Even Know What That Means

9 months ago

Ahhh… the smell of freshly-cut urethane foam in the morning. The Nomad 883 delivers a 25 micrometer (.001″) repeatability on the X and Y (2.5um on the Z), a minuscule 18″ square footprint, and an impressive 8″x8″x3″ build volume… and we want it. We want it bad.


Why I will pay $1372 for a fillet tool

1 year ago

Today I received a friendly email from my local SolidWorks VAR, ending with a gentle nudge: “****THERE IS NO GRACE PERIOD FOR DECEMBER RENEWALS, ANY DECEMBER RENEWAL RECEIVED AFTER DECEMBER…

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SolidWorks 101 Course – Early Bird Freebies

2 years ago

In anticipation of the cadjunkie SolidWorks 101 course official launch next Wednesday, we’re offering three completely free cadjunkie Professional memberships with access to every SolidWorks, Rhino, and modo video we’ve ever made. After that, we’re offering 50% off discounts for the rest of the week.


PTC Sends Out Blue M&M’S, Changes Name to PTC.

2 years ago

Here at EvD Media HQ we rarely receive FedEx packages that don’t contain hand-carved egg shells, Unicorn Meat, or that limited edition DVD/Vinyl box set of our favorite 3D printing…