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Josh is co-founder of EvD Media. He engineers and designs, is the Marketing Manager for Luxion, is CSWP certified for SolidWorks training and support and excels at falling awkwardly. He is editor of and co-host of, a weekly podcast about design, engineering and what makes it all happen.

UMake is The Freeform 3D Sketching App You’ve Always Wanted

2 days ago

Some would say sketching is severely limited in most 3D design software. Some wouldn’t even call it sketching, but more a fork jab into the gum-line process of tediously picking…


Friday Smackdown: Cuttlefish Backlash

7 days ago

The sea was it. Salty air, stormy waters and if you hung your jowls above the surface as the sun was setting, the tentacles of speckle-throated Cuttlefish gently slap your…


How CloudDDM Is Putting Speed and Automation Into 3D Printing

2 weeks ago

You upload your file, place your order, and in less than four seconds your product is being printed. That’s the answer to the question I asked Mitch Free about how his new venture…


Friday Smackdown: Dark as Ink

2 weeks ago

Catch them, the wiles, the frozen pots of two. Wrapped and bent around the child, as he bid them to, lift him him up and throw his arrows made of dust…


Google’s Project Soli Could Completely Change 3D Modeling

2 weeks ago

Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group has taken 100 year old technology and slapped it on a slab of sand to change how we interact with software and hardware. Project…


Friday Smackdown: Sand Imp Shrill Bash

3 weeks ago

Wet towels and pencil shavings were not the usual waste left by the weekend party crowd. Somehow the sand imps and moss trolls had fastened their battleground to our deck,…


Lenovo ThinkPad W550s [Review]

3 weeks ago

Of the mobile workstations currently available, the ones I could strap to my back and go on a 5-mile run number at four. There’s only one that wouldn’t leave me…


Friday Smackdown: Choc Block Chiselin’

4 weeks ago

Brick by brick they climbed, chiseling chunks of the chocolate vines until their packs were full. Yet, the didn’t expect it to transform, forming that hard brown shell around, impenetrably…


Billy Boxes Crush Custom Tool Box Design and Upgrade Your Truck

1 month ago

I’m not ashamed to say it. I want to buy a truck, just to buy a Billy Box. Austin-based Billy Boxes is fresh on the truck bed scene making everyone…