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LEGO Robot Does Your Bidding Via Leap Motion Control Device

15 Apr, 2014 by in TECH

Can you make a robot do your bidding by the mere movement of your hands? The answer is yes. Can you make a robot use a motion controller to control itself? While your brain capillaries burst considering that, check out the nifty integration between the Leap Motion Controller and LEGO Mindstorm EV3 posted by the team at Leap Motion. German Vargas from the Math Department of the College of Coastal Georgia programmed it, linked it and strapped a laptop to his belly while walking around campus, shocking people as he controlled the bot by waving his hand about.


Friday Smackdown: Funk Chunkin’

11 Apr, 2014 by in SMACKDOWN

A long smile and cantankerous sneer sent the chill of an afternoon storm through the room. Hardly standing but tiptoeing deftly across each board, between snores it seemed, avoiding the cracks as not to trigger these links.

Rebecca Monk – Elegant illustration with some that reveal much more with simple motion of an object, a screen, time with crisp colors and beautiful approach to light and shadow.
New York Numbers – Oh, the array of typography used for the numbers that adorn the buildings, byways and streets of New York City. Lovely photos of many and many more to come.
Adventure awaits – Leave it to a butter maker to create the best 2001: A Space Odyssey parody using vegetables, cookware, a microwave and a gas cooktop.
Dues Ex – Inside Dues Ex Machina in Milano, Italy that has it all–motorcycles, bicycles, clothing and keychains. Stop by, say hi, grab some gear.
Fire + cornstarch – Crazy Russian Hacker shows you how to breath fire, using corn starch and a open flame. You should probably do this outside.
Darcy – Here’s your cute dose for the rest of the week. Darcy is a wee pet Hedgehog which totally makes me want to get a wee pet Hedgehog.
Stunts – New music video from Ravenyards featuring lots of colorful light patterns mapped across the faces of the band members as they sing to a funky electro-pop rhythm.


3Gear Trips The Money Mine, Bags 1.9M, Blows Gesture Recognition Sky High.

09 Apr, 2014 by in TECH

In the office these days, there’s a lack of drama. Drama that could be taken to awesome new levels with the right amount of hand gestures, teeth gritting and intense looks of determination behind the glow of a 30″ HD monitor. 3Gear Systems is bringing all that in multiple ways today, introducing impressive new gesture recognition (smack), previewing an entirely new depth-sensing device (SMACK) and announcing $1.9 Million in seed funding (SMAA-HAACK!!). With it, they plan to deliver a gesture recognition system that “actually works” and can be used in a broader array of applications than anyone has ever thought possible. Here’s just how they’re changing the gesture control landscape.


Behind the Design: Building a Live-Ammo-Firing Han Solo Star Wars Blaster

08 Apr, 2014 by in DESIGN, FAB

I’m sure you’ve sat at a business lunch–one that isn’t going so well–with the scene quickly reimagined as you screaming, “Tell Jabba…” and firing a blaster beneath the table to take our your would be assailant. (Yes, Han shot FIRST.) In December, Han Solo’s blaster from Star Wars was auctioned off to an anonymous buyer. The iconic prop fetched $200,000; was slightly worn, slightly dusty and yes, not in the slightest way functional. Some thought this ridiculous, yet it is a movie prop permanently etched in movie history and our minds. The shape sets it apart and for the collectors or sportsmen sci-fi-sters in the audience, a full-blown, laser-firing BlasTech DL-44 HEAVY BLASTER PISTOL would be the ultimate prize. For Bob Boyd, the same holds true and even though we’re not quite there with lasers, his article details the adventure of everything that goes into recreating a live-ammo-firing Han Solo Blaster.


Friday Smackdown: Sudsing Rhino

04 Apr, 2014 by in SMACKDOWN

What’s the rhino doing in the soap bottle? You would have asked it, yet stranger still was its size. A wee rhino. In a soap bottle. Sudsing about. And it occurs to you, that the muffled melody you hear is coming from that place, a rhino in a bottle with these links to pass the day.

Charlie Immer – Somewhat colorful, somewhat gortesque, but nonetheless ‘buttery bloody goodness dripping and floating through the foliage’ amongst other delights.
Life Hacks – 10 life hacks from 100 years ago, that could be just as helpful today, like how to stop a mad dog or rig a water filter.
The Expert – We’ve all been in these meetings. There are likely a few thousand of them going on right now. Fortunately, there are experts who can do anything.
Famous people hate me – Jim. Ugh, that guy. Famous people hate him, probably because, by doing this, he is gaining more notoriety than they.
Artic in Pink – Gotta love some Kodak Aerochrome 120. Daniel Zvereff hits the icy landscape with a pack and brings back amazing imagery.
Bibo – The wallpaper is nice, but the story of an ice cream selling robot is even more profound.
New York Storefronts – Yes, more photography. What it looked like then, and what it looks like now. The year gone by in New York City.
The Tempest – New video for Throwing Snow, aka Ross Tones, with just the right amount of rich repetition, cymbals slaps, dry beats and an ethereal sound to slip into the weekend unscathed.


Complex 3D Printed Art Collaborations From Modla You Have Got to See

03 Apr, 2014 by in DESIGN, FAB

Modla is a small 3D printing design studio that creates incredibly ornate, complex and detailed 3d printed art pieces for brands, architects, designers, artists and more. They launched just over a year ago and have already had product launches with Nike, completed an array of 3d printed architecture projects and designed all the signage for the Science Museum’s “3D Printing: The Future” exhibition. Among other projects they also do collaborations with artist. They’ve just launched three that are simply gorgeous examples of what the medium is doing for artists. We caught up with co-founders Jon Fidler and Rich Goddard about the niche they’ve found in 3d printed art collaboration and consulting.


Fish3d: A New Touch-sensitive, Interactive Modeling Environment

01 Apr, 2014 by in CAD

If you’ve been fishing, you know the layer of slime that covers the fish, protecting it from your nasty hand bacteria. It’s also a defense mechanism that helps protect the fish from predators and, as it turns out, is much more than what it seems. Particularly in the case of the Hagfish. Researches at MIT’s Media Ecology Lab have discovered a new way to interact with our Hagfish friends via the slime they produce while at the same time developing parametric surface geometry, a development that could very well push product design into your surrounding and away from the desktop.


Friday Smackdown: Mossy Newt Warriors

28 Mar, 2014 by in SMACKDOWN

Round the wheel went. All of us, inside the hub. Small as mice, but large as men, if we were men, but we were but newts, bandaged and scraped from the wars. This, our current mode of travel, took us far, far to the outer shell of the river banks, the mossy coast, to defend the colonies against the onslaught of these links.

Tyson Murphy – I love the warmth and wonder Murph brings to a scene. The Disney paint exercises are particularly interesting.
Master Yoda – Yoda. Turns out he has the perfect bits of grunts and wisdom to throw into a trip hop mix, as the Eclectic Method show so well in their latest video.
Action Movie Kid – If you have a son and you’re a visual fx artist with Dreamworks, you would probably want to mix the two.
Centered – Wes Anderson films are not only memorable for their colorful characters and settings, but also for the brilliantly simple cinematography.
Hoffman – Learn piano? Sure, why not. This is the place to do it. 3 units, 60 lessons, all free.
Freebies – Loads and loads of web design resources, from themes and typeface to preloaders and menus. Thanks Rod.
Brackets – And one not in the mix above, but an absolute must have. An open-source text editor for coding. Even has a live preview. Thanks Adam.
Riptide – Some poppy, good newness from Vance Joy, likely to pretend you’re strumming a banjo or at least make you clap.
Patatap – I’ll leave you with this, as it’s likely to be the most fun you have for the next several hours or through the weekend. Tip: Type your name over and over again.


Woman Gets First Ever 3D Printed Skull Cap Implant

27 Mar, 2014 by in FAB

You’ve heard of people with metal plates in their heads. Well, now there is a woman who can lay claim to having the first 3D printing brain cage. Yes, this is the first that a person has had their entire cranium replaced with a 3D printed implant. Surgeons at UMC Utrecht removed portion of a woman’s skull due to abnormal thickening which caused pressure on the brain. However, the print is not bone. It’s clear, shiny plastic. The 23 hour surgery was the world’s first ending in complete success and full recovery for the woman. All we know of the company who manufactured the implant is that they are an Australian-based specialist in the 3D printing field.