Friday Smackdown: Fire the Catapults

1 day ago

The push was hard. The gear, a chunk of wood that twisted with the strain on the oars. We pushed, wrapping the length of squirrel tails every tighter around the…


Step-Pack Lamp Is a Simply Ingenious Flat-Pack Pendant Light Design

5 days ago

I love me a high-precision, interlocking aluminum light fixture. You would be hard pressed to fall out of a two-story window and land on a truck full of anything of…


Friday Smackdown: Roofline Blues

1 week ago

When going along the shingled edge, busy with squirrels and dried paths of slugs, it’s best to recall the times that you fell, the lava below, the conch shell you…


Simple Steps for Stopping Tears and Starting 3D Print Projects in SolidWorks

1 week ago

A tear falls on the molten plastic heap outside the confines of the 3d printer base. The print bed is too small. It’s sadness that creeps in at times, leaving…


Friday Smackdown: Uproot the Crabapple

2 weeks ago

Tilting, he was a wobbly chap! His ears flopping with each hop. Why I recall the time he uproots an entire crabapple grove with one paw and the twitch of…


Behind the Design: The iPad Case That Can Hang

2 weeks ago

If you’re like my grandma, you’ll pop a rum raisin in your mouth and say, “I’ve seen every iPad case, pack, flap and stand that’s been squeezed from a designer’s…


Plethora Gives You Instant Quotes to Machine Your SolidWorks or Inventor Parts

3 weeks ago

There are five things I want after designing a part–a damn part, damn fast. 3D printing was suppose to be the revolutionary technology that made all our manufacturing woes go…


Friday Smackdown: Speckle-throated Platypus

3 weeks ago

Sometime when you’re scrubbing the back of a venomous, speckle-throated platypus, you’ll notice its legs start to contract until the entire animal is a perfectly spherical fur ball with a…


Kenneth Smythe’s Incredible New Chair Design (and Hand-Drawn Schematics)

3 weeks ago

There’s a man who does all of his design work from the French Hotel Cafe in Berkeley, California. His name is Kenneth Smythe. His designs are loaded with symbloism, very…