Friday Smackdown: Till Agru

2 hours ago

The land went on for miles, blocks upon blocks of earth, cobblestone and fire. But food… food was scarce. There were ways we could we could survive. To spare the…


Friday Smackdown: Tear The Pane

1 week ago

A look out from the starboard bow captured the tide rising against a solid metal grate, consuming the water, but bullet-riddled, tarnished by soot and salt from the escaping burst…


Friday Smackdown: Neck Wrecker

2 weeks ago

Combed hand and hair, the scent was unmistakably everywhere. A sound rose, and on tips, my toes. What was that crooked grin? A blanket of marmosets, scattering about and a…


Behind the Design: Bronsen’s Geometric Animal Sculpts (You Need One of Each)

2 weeks ago

When your desktop, coffee table or countertop is covered in nothing but papers and pizza stains, there are two things you need–A low-maintenance, oxygen-producing plant and a ceramic animal sculpt….


Prevent Bloody Nubs With Jude Pullen’s 3D Printed Rabbet Tool

2 weeks ago

By the looks of your scarred hands covered in dried glue and scabs, I’m guessing you like to cut up a few sheet of cardboard here and there for building…


Friday Smackdown: The Explode Moment

4 weeks ago

Crisscrossed, chased and blown by dust blasts that passed the shot of air into her legs as she sprinted by the launch ports, finding enough of the spot-haired lox’s mane…


Friday Smackdown: Ramp the Beat

1 month ago

“Pops a’ribbon,” he says. That’s all the cantankerous old turtle could muster once squeezed from the hole by his tiny titmouse nemesis. They could both dance, but the agile legs…


BenQ 32″ Monitor: A Massive Display For Design and Engineer Pros [Review]

1 month ago

If you’ve been in product development for any number of years, you know a person’s productivity is directly proportional to the size of their screen. You also know that’s completely…


This Autonomous Robot is Squishibly Soft (and Nearly Indestructible)

1 month ago

Of all the robot apocalypse scenarios that cross your mind on any given day, who would have thought one would be a autonomous, rubbery, four-legged crawl-bot? With a design that…