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Josh is co-founder of EvD Media. He engineers and designs, is the Marketing Manager for Luxion, is CSWP certified for SolidWorks training and support and excels at falling awkwardly. He is editor of and co-host of, a weekly podcast about design, engineering and what makes it all happen.

Friday Smackdown: Chunk the Clunk

5 days ago

We threw it hard, like we had five arms each and the strength of a cattle-prodded meglephant. It was only a small asteroid, mostly ore, filled with holes growing the…


SmackTalk: Your Platform to Talk About Stories Before They Happen

1 week ago

Today we’re taking our pet baby octopi out of the tank, lathering on the sunscreen and launching SmackTalk. SmackTalk is the new platform to discuss Design, Engineering and all matters…


Friday Smackdown: Snowcone Your Muffinpan

2 weeks ago

The stage went black. More screams were the least of what we wanted to hear, but that’s what happens in the dark, just before thousands of people start throwing snowcones…


How Will Scanning and MoCap Technology Change 3D Design?

2 weeks ago

The Creator’s Project kicked off their ReForm series, jumping straight into 3D scanning, but 3D scanning on scale that you likely haven’t seen yet. The short inaugural documentary looks at…


The Charming Watch With the Tiny Automaton Bird

2 weeks ago

Jaquet Droz Charming Bird has no substance to it. The watch is more for aesthetics than technical expertise. But combine the technology and aesthetics together, encapsulated in the watchmaker’s history,…


Friday Smackdown: Black Tie Bangarang

3 weeks ago

The dust settled, then floated. The air grew thick, rabbit fur and gopher whiskers everywhere. Where did it come from? When had there been such an excess of gophers? We…


UMake is The Freeform 3D Sketching App You’ve Always Wanted

4 weeks ago

Some would say sketching is severely limited in most 3D design software. Some wouldn’t even call it sketching, but more a fork jab into the gum-line process of tediously picking…


Friday Smackdown: Cuttlefish Backlash

1 month ago

The sea was it. Salty air, stormy waters and if you hung your jowls above the surface as the sun was setting, the tentacles of speckle-throated Cuttlefish gently slap your…


How CloudDDM Is Putting Speed and Automation Into 3D Printing

1 month ago

You upload your file, place your order, and in less than four seconds your product is being printed. That’s the answer to the question I asked Mitch Free about how his new venture…