Friday Smackdown: Wee Eel Soliloquy

7 days ago

The tickle came not from the left, but from the right, along the edge of the ear then into the canal. Once the tail disappeared, so did the tickles. All…


Friday Smackdown: Dehydrated Jelly

2 weeks ago

The container was split. All but two poured out, staying inside to ingest the remains. Every jar in the warehouse was infected. More came falling from the rafters, their furry…


See It Now: SolidWorks World Trailer, Top Ten List & SWW15 Keynote Speakers

2 weeks ago

The second week of February is coming up, which means last minute plans for Valentine’s Day, Bacon Week and the SolidWorks World Conference. On February 8-11, SolidSmack will be in…


Why Onshape Is Developing a New CAD System (and Five Reasons This is Just the Beginning)

2 weeks ago

It’s been a forest of quiet chirps, gentle rains and hidden high fives in Cambridge, MA, headquarters of Onshape. The company launched quietly in 2012 as Belmont Technology Inc. and…


Friday Smackdown: Fur by day, Ice by Night

3 weeks ago

They brandished their coils, sharp, fearsome, dripping with the ink of ages. A nonlethal threat should they dry, buy nay, not a day past without a letter, a sketch, a…


Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro [Review]

3 weeks ago

13 Inches of Awesome and a Projector. With a subtitle like 13 inches of Awesome, you may expect nothing but praise for the most innovative (we don’t use that word…


Amaze/Torment Your Friends. Build This Mini LEGO Chainsaw.

3 weeks ago

There’s one thing you don’t have laying around your office this new year. A Chainsaw. A mini LEGO Chainsaw. It’s just sad, a person of your stature and arm strength,…


Friday Smackdown: Candy Laden Furballs

1 month ago

When you’ve thrown all the plates and have begun tossing furballs laden with gum and colorful candies, you shouldn’t be surprised if they come flying back at you. For the…


#ConfessionThursday: Dassault Mainly Sells To Ewoks

1 month ago

On a Thursday in December, the truth finally comes out and we learn more about the the target demographic and messaging for large, 3D software development companies. According to Aurèlien…