usb-robot-dr-fluff-thinkerthing Licks Your 3D Prints, Makes Those Shapes Searchable

19 hours ago

Let’s say you’ve pinched off the last sip of your 8th ginger brew, your bladder is full and you need to 3D print a part that looks like a part…


Friday Smackdown: 64 Potato Slaps

2 weeks ago

Side to side, once was all, and in the burrow it went. The clitter-clatter, putt and hull, were all the noises sent, through skin and fur, as if it heard…


New SolidSmack Updates (and Winner of the iPad Mini)

2 weeks ago

Well, well, well. We had LOADS of feedback on the new SolidSmack site design we launched last month. Some liked it. Some hated it. And some wanted to see more…


Friday Smackdown: Tendril of Awesome

4 weeks ago

It reached deep, past the wharf, wrapping around bottle and bracken extending ever deeper into the Fog Gardens of Lern. More tendrils extended off of it as it passed, and…


Interlocking Hex-Pods Pack Bee-tastic Bliss Into Your Unorganized Space

4 weeks ago

What totally looks like the lair of a master race of bees after they’ve modernized and gained the ability to manufacture plastics? Your loft after you install HYVE. HYVE is…


Friday Smackdown: Creebo Strempit

1 month ago

A tall, lanky figure pulled dirt and mountain toward him with each step. Black straps and lanyards whipping the air around with the black shudder of atmospheric sound reaching ever…


Friday Smackdown: Full-Color Jowl Explosion

1 month ago

It was a hard rain that hit the side of the fence that covered its approach, but it was the color spectrum shooting from betwixt its fur-ridden mandible that woke…


Totally Weird Video Shows How 3D Printing is Faster Than Injection Molding

1 month ago

I know, I know. After The Objet 1000 video, there was a hole in your soul that could only be filled by oddly informative, yet disturbing videos delivering the future…


Friday Smackdown: Feathery Mech Balls

2 months ago

Sticky, feathery little bundles with a smile. Yet, beneath their fluffy hull, lay a bony balls of stick and brier, shifting with mechanical steams that adjusted their grin and stepped…