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Josh is co-founder of EvD Media. He engineers and designs, is the Marketing Manager for Luxion, is CSWP certified for SolidWorks training and support and excels at falling awkwardly. He is editor of and co-host of, a weekly podcast about design, engineering and what makes it all happen.

Friday Smackdown: Grackle Smash

2 days ago

They spread from the ground like black ink from a swollen tear duct. How would ink come to be in a tear duct? Well, when the virus takes hold, you…


BenQ 32″ 4K UHD Monitor [Review]

4 days ago

When you get that video card upgrade and see it supports 4K resolution, your first thought may be, “I should be getting paid more.” Your second thought, however, is, “I…


Friday Smackdown: Cup O’ Chug

1 week ago

We flew around the peak. The moss fires put us in a orange haze and gave the air a sappy taste. We wouldn’t be able to set down anywhere nearby,…


Friday Smackdown: Bif Boom Snap

2 weeks ago

And so it went, on and on, the taps against the wood, the cracks along the grain. It went dark, and the sound all but stop. A long breath out…


The 17″ Is Back. Lenovo Announces the P70 ThinkPad Workstation.

2 weeks ago

For all those mobile modeling mavens waiting for another 17″ workstation option, your wait is over. Today, from SIGGRAPH 2015, Lenovo has announced they are bringing back the 17″ workstation,…


Friday Smackdown: Freefall Friz Flurry

3 weeks ago

We fell through the clouds. It wasn’t as if we hadn’t done it before, but this time, amidst the flurry of the cottony innards expelled from a bio-hatch explosion, there were…


The New SolidWorks Subscription Late Policy (and How to Avoid It)

3 weeks ago

When it comes to CAD software, there’s likely no topic more divisive than that of maintenance fees. Ahh, fabulous subscription service–the additional yearly charge, on top of any license cost, which typically…


Friday Smackdown: Hair Bubbles

4 weeks ago

The bubbles rose in front of our faces, nearly lifting us off the plateau along with the wee furry beasts from whence the bubbles exploded out of their neck hairs,…


Friday Smackdown: Chunk the Clunk

1 month ago

We threw it hard, like we had five arms each and the strength of a cattle-prodded meglephant. It was only a small asteroid, mostly ore, filled with holes growing the…