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Josh is co-founder of EvD Media. He engineers and designs, is the Marketing Manager for Luxion, is CSWP certified for SolidWorks training and support and excels at falling awkwardly. He is editor of and co-host of, a weekly podcast about design, engineering and what makes it all happen.

Friday Smackdown: When Shatter The Glass

1 week ago

Built on their foreheads, we travelled far and the days we’re indistinguishable. A golem? Yes. A rabbit? Of course. You couldn’t expect such a creature to stay dormant forever. Their…


Behind the Design: How Vestige Launched a Successful T-shirt Brand

2 weeks ago

Today, we’re looking at something a little different. We don’t often cover topics outside industrial┬ádesign and engineering, but we’re all about the process, the business of design, and particularly about…


Behind the Design: The Astro Bluetooth ‘Pure Audio’ Speaker

2 weeks ago

If you sit a computer all day, you likely have a speaker sitting there next to you, and if you like to take that speaker with you, it’s likely a…


Behind the Design: The Engineering + Art in Motion of Derek Hugger

2 weeks ago

Interdisciplinary innovation is expanding and Derek Hugger believes art and engineering should be no exception. The artist and woodworker uses intricate engineering designs to put nature and mesmerizing kaleidoscopics of…


Friday Smackdown: Squeal Orange Poppers

2 weeks ago

The orange popped. Not the color. The fruit. We thought we were the last on the platform, but something down the tunnel let us know otherwise. Its squeal burst the…


Friday Smackdown: Vacuum-Cracking Blast

3 weeks ago

The papers clanged. But how? It was normal paper after all–white, some edges creased, even a coffee cup stain here and there. But they were different in the light. Silver…


New GoldieBlox Action Figures Are 100% Parachuting, Zip-lining Fun

3 weeks ago

Looks like GoldieBlox is diversifying a bit, going from the girl-focused, engineer-based board games to girl-focused, engineer-based action figures. Pretty savvy move on their part, and they’ve got a pretty…


A Deeper Look Into the Glowforge Desktop Laser Cutter with CEO Dan Shapiro

1 month ago

The Glowforge laser cutter is the biggest crowdfunded 30-day campaign in history. $27.9M in 30 days. It didn’t launch on Kickstarter. It didn’t re-launch on Indiegogo. It launched on their…


Friday Smackdown: Trip Sniggly

1 month ago

The chamber door sent impact shudders through the last nerves of the last inhabitants of the last inhabitable cave of the last inhabitable planet. How? Out in the darkness? The…