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I don’t like it, not one bit. Last night I awoke to a buzzing sound. I open my window and there, before my eyes, a swarm of quadrotors pulling maneuvers, laying waste to the neighborhood, scaring children and cats… Take a look. It could happen.

Quadrotor Swarms

The below is a demonstration of nano quadrotors at the GRASP Lab, University of Pennsylvania. The vehicles were developed by KMel Robotics. The fear developed by the possibilities. Just keep running.

GlobalGorillas has something to say about these being weaponized.

Benefits of swarming attacks include:

  • It cuts the enemy target off from supply and communications.
  • It adversely impacts the morale of the target.
  • It makes a coordinated defense extremely difficult (resource allocation is intensely difficult).
  • It radically increases the potential of surprise

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  • That…was….. I’m just glad I don’t have cats. Children….they’ll be sacred AND scarred. Eerie.

  • Dave Feathers

    Can’t help but notice the lack of mention as to what these little dudes are ACTUALLY up too. 
    Careful of those who choose to see and exploit possibilities of violence this year… they will abound.    Not that your necessarily wrong though.

  • When I first saw the video it made me think it was a scene straight out of star wars. I imagine a whole fleet of these coming out of a star destroyer, launching missiles and chopping us into bits as they reign down upon us…

  • Danny

    As if Mosquito’s buzzing around your head at night weren’t enough…..cool though!

  • Dave Feathers

    Or… for just one non violent example… they could be locking into small building blocks and constructing low cost housing which could be one button assembled, disassembled, moved, reassembled in another configuration.  The uses are not limited to just killin folks.

  • Paul

    Oh no, we’re getting that much closer to the world of Half-life 2…