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Calling themselves “The Next Dimension of Touch”, Qeexo’s new FingerSense technology features a tiny acoustic sensor installed into a touchscreen device that listens and measures the vibrations of objects that touch it. Whether the input comes in the form of a a fingertip, knuckle, or nail, FingerSense adds an enhancement to touch interaction that allows screens to know not just if the finger is using the screen for input, but how.


In a demonstration at the New York Tech Meetup this week, Chris Harrison, co-founder of startup Qeexo (started within Carnegie Mellon University this year), showed how knocking, tapping, and scraping the surface of a screen can offer a slew of new input capabilities–including the future of multitouch gesture recognition:

While the majority of the general public are still plenty enamored with the capabilities of our current touchscreen devices, according to Qeexo:

Fingers have many “modes” – they do not just poke, as contemporary touchscreen interaction would suggest, but also flick, rub, knock, grasp, and can perform many other actions.
Qeexo wants to bring new dimensions of touch to interactive surfaces, and make better use of the natural richness of our hands.

Perhaps these ‘new dimensions of touch’ could offer new possibilities for universal access options?

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