Yes, Finally, The Ultimate CAD/World Domination Workstation

16 Jun, 2008 by in TECH
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I’ll agree with you, workstations nowadays are just not cuttin’ it. Our desires for widescreen monitors, THX Dolby surround sound, air filtering, light therapy, web cams, and battery backups are diminished by plain old systems that just ‘get the job done.’ NO MORE!

NovelQuest introduces… to you… in July… the ultimate in killer workstations… THE EMPEROR. Named after it’s resemblance to an Emperor Scorpion, the top lifts to easily attach yourself into the ergo-insect interior. This particular version features (only?) three 19″ screens and strikes with Mac or PC poison.

No word on if they will include auto-tracking missile batteries or an option to encase your self permanently in a life-sustaining goo. Price is also suspect although it’s sure to be high. A similar workstation called the Gravitonus rings in at $7k.

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  • DivineMonster

    Now you can build a better than this PC, for less than 5k $.How times change!