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The SolidSmack Weekend Reader | Week 39.16

2 hours ago

Don your favorite bathrobe, cream that coffee and get comfortable with this week’s SolidSmack Weekend Reader. The Weekend Reader features a handful of the most interesting articles featured on the…


Friday Smackdown: 50 Eyes of Lasers

9 hours ago

Ropes from trees where bottles hung, split beams of distant lights lit by the robot hoards. Unconscious they moved, on a single wheel and five arms, low, high, in between…


This Clever Drawing Trick Makes it Quick and Easy to Sketch in Perfect Perspective

15 hours ago

Unless you sketch every day or have a brilliant sense of hand–eye coordination, chances are that sketching in proper perspective doesn’t necessarily come naturally. That’s okay. Join the club. For…


How ALPAKA Changed Their Design Strategy (and 9 Questions to Answer Before You Launch a Kickstarter Campaign)

2 days ago

When I reviewed the ALPAKA 7even messenger bag, I didn’t realize how much I was going to use it. Like previous bags I have loved, it’s hard to imagine going…


Fuel3D’s New Scanner Sparks Dawn of Custom 3D Printed Eyewear

2 days ago

Fuel3D announced a new “mirror” 3D scanner that could lead to advanced eyewear applications. The company has long been developing 3D scanning equipment based on an unusual high-speed structured light…


Watch a Surfboard Get Made From Scratch Using Cardboard Waste

2 days ago

If there’s one thing that just won’t go away no matter how hard we seemingly try, it’s the amount of waste that ends up in our oceans. While everybody from…


Cool Tools: The Complete Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kit (55% Off)

2 days ago

To call the Raspberry Pi a runaway success is a wild understatement, but that doesn’t make the process of getting started with the credit card-sized single-board computer any less daunting…


MegaBots First Safety Test: #Fail

3 days ago

MegaBots wants to have a real-life mech battle. Preferably without dying. So far it’s not looking good. When I first heard about the MegaBots Kickstarter project last year, I definitely…


This New Line of DIY Kits Teaches Kids the Foundations of Hardware Design and Assembly

3 days ago

Since raising over $1.5 million to bring their DIY computer and coding kit to the masses on Kickstarter back in December of 2013, the team at Kano has been on…


SolidSmack Radio | The Slits

4 days ago

This week’s Spotify-powered SolidSmack Radio Playlist knocks you in the pop sockets with head-boppin’ groove tuneage to help propel you through the work week in style. Whether you find yourself…